Chorus lights up First Baptist

Southeastern Women’s Chorale and Southeastern University Chorus performed several selections at First Baptist Church of Hammond from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 4 to showcase the vocal skills that they have been developing throughout the semester.

The Women’s Chorale, conducted by Dr. Alissa Mercurio Rowe, lined up in the two main aisles and opened the event with a performance of “Vivos Voco,” composed by Joan Syzmko.

They followed with a performance of “Prayer of the Children,” composed by Kurt Bestor.

Afterward, the University Chorus, joined by Northshore Chorale, stood at the front of the church and performed ten selections for the crowd. They began with “Te Deum,” composed by W. A. Mozart, and an orchestra accompanied the chorus for this piece.

 “We sing very elaborate songs that I’m sure we will never forget,” said Jonathan Dupre, a sophomore music education major and member of the University Chorus.

The chorus continued with “Salmo 150,” composed by Ernani Aguiar, and “Shout for Joy! (Psalm 98)” composed by Dan Davison.

During their performance of “All that hath life and breath praise ye the Lord!” composed by René Clausen, Dana Arthur, a Soprano singer, had a solo.

Then, the University Chorus sang “The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23)” three different ways. The first was composed by Howard Goodall and featured Bridget Lyons, a Soprano, in a solo. The second was composed by Paul Basler and featured Carlye Latas playing a horn. The third was composed by Gwyneth Walker and featured Alyce Coincon playing the organ.

“Song choice was repetitive,” said Jacob Stagray, a sophomore chemistry and biology major. “But all were well performed.”

Nancy Mihalik, mother of University Chorus member Justin Mihalik, traveled with her family all the way from Gonzales to watch the performance and said that she thoroughly enjoyed it.

“My special favorite was ‘Shout for Joy,’ and the second time they sang ‘Psalm 23′ was my absolute favorite,” said Mihalik. “It was a fabulous combination of voices.”

Following a brief intermission, the University Chorus continued their performance with “Sing me to heaven,” composed by Daniel E. Gawthrop, and “Alleluia,” composed by Ralph Manuel.

Then the performance concluded with “Pilgrims’ Hymn” from the opera “The Three Hermits,” composed by Stephen Paulus.

The First Baptist Church of Hammond was full of family and friends of chorus members and other members of the Southeastern community, and everyone left pleased with the overall performance that afternoon.