COVID-19 testing is available at the University Health Center


Brynn Lundy/The Lions' Roar

A brochure at the University Health Center explains how students can use the telemedical appointment service to test for the coronavirus. Students can also pick up a free mask from the health center.

The university has made COVID-19 testing available at the University Health Center and set up  protocols in order to safely test students as fast and efficiently as possible.

In order to get tested with the UHC, students need to make a telemedicine/virtual appointment online on the University Health Center’s official website.

Students who make an appointment online will be sent a link to set a time for their video conference. During the conference, a Health Center representative will discuss symptoms with the student to decide the next step, which may include coming to the UHC to get tested.

Test results may be available any time between 24-48 hours and are disclosed through phone calls.

“So far, there may be about five testings a day, but some days there is more, some days there is less,” said Andrea Peevy, director of the UHC. “There is really no number.”

Peevy explained that even though the Health Center is also mindful of the safety guidelines, they are still fully operating with all their staff, who have been socially distancing since the outbreak.

“We are still open with appointments for everything,” said Peevy. “Our staff, including our student workers, interns and graduate students are still all working.”

Students who are referred for testing are encouraged to come in as soon as they are available.

“Once we have already had a phone conversation, and the student walks into the office, we immediately bring them to the back where they are tested,” explained Peevy.

Peevy also encouraged students to use the Division for Student Affairs’ new mechanism of self-reporting, the Lion Intervention Network. It includes the Dean of Students, Office of Student Accountability and Advocacy and the University Health Center as the Task Force.

Self-reporting is a contactless process the university has implemented for those students who know they have been exposed to the virus, have been having symptoms or have already tested positive for the virus.

Once a student goes to LINK on the university website, they are asked to fill out and submit a self-disclosure form. There will then be someone from the task force who is going to contact that student and ask about their symptoms. Afterward, they will decide on the next steps.

The university is trying to use the task force and LINK to contact, trace and mitigate the virus on campus as much as possible.

However, students are still responsible for doing their part to follow the safety guidelines released by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety in July.

Students can self-report at