Let go of your stress by dancing


File Photo/The Lion's Roar

“Moonlight Dance Fitness” event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at the Strawberry Stadium at 7:30 p.m. The event is being organized through a joint collaboration between The REC and CARE team.

Students and staff will have an opportunity to release stress through a dance event organized on campus.

“Moonlight Dance Fitness” is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The event is being hosted through a joint collaboration between The REC and the CARE team.

A maximum of 90 participants will be allowed. Students and faculty are encouraged to join. The event is set to last an hour and a half. Catherine Brasher, a dance fitness instructor, will lead the session. 

Jyrus Evans, a marketing intern at The REC, is coordinating the event. He elaborated on his decision for coordinating a dance fitness class.

“We are having the Moonlight event to help students and staff to relieve their stress during these uncertain times with the pandemic,” said Evans. “This event will allow students to feel normal once again by attending an on-campus event while still practicing safety precautions and social distancing. Our event will be the trailblazer for other events to socially distance and engage with Southeastern students and staff on campus.”

Evans described safety protocols that will be taken Wednesday night.

“The safety protocols for this event are reservations are required for all those who want to attend,” listed Evans. “Our staff will provide a controlled entrance with hand sanitizer and face coverings at the gate. Face coverings are required to be worn at all times during the secession, and participants will have designated areas to participate that are six feet apart from each other.”

Antoinette Alack, assistant director for the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability, feels students should attend the event to enjoy themselves.

“We are all in this together; we are resilient, we are strong Southeastern students and staff, and we deserve to take time out for ourselves,” said Alack. “Let’s try to focus on the finish line – keep up the dedication in your classes and finish the semester strong. There is a lot to do here at SLU, and we want to encourage students to attend and enjoy college outside of the classroom.”

Alack added to her statement.

“2020 seems to be bringing heightened stress and we want to have a time for balance and refocusing ourselves- taking time out to just breathe, take in the night air, relax, and do something different for a change,” shared Alack. “I think we all need a bit of human connection and deep breathing.”

Evans believes people will enjoy the dance session.

“People should come to ‘Moonlight Dance Fitness’ because it will be live, exciting, memorable and allow students to get together once again and participate in on-campus events,” explained Evans.

Costumes are optional, as there will be a costume contest. Participants should bring water, wear comfortable, flexible clothing. Those who are interested can register for the event online on The REC’s webpage.