Did Cuomo hide COVID-19 deaths among elders?


Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor.

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was put on the hot seat for what some are calling the killing of hundreds of citizens in nursing homes throughout the pandemic.

Cuomo issued a policy last March stating that nursing homes should not discriminate against potential patients that may have tested positive for the virus.

Some may say that this was a sweet gesture for those families who were worried that they would spread COVID-19 to their elderly loved ones that live with them. They may have been thankful for the policy and sent their mothers, fathers and great uncles to what they thought would have been safer and cleaner.

However, this was not the case for New Yorkers who found out days or weeks later that their family members were dead due to contracting the virus.

A lot of reporters say the policy that Cuomo enforced was meant to help with the overflowing of New York hospitals.

Officials also say that Cuomo was a strict criticizer of the Trump administration and how they handled the virus. At the time, Cuomo was praised for his handling of the pandemic, but apparently, all was not as it seemed.

The main problem was the nursing homes took the policy as an order and assumed they had to take in the patients even though they were a risk. The governor’s office claimed it was never intended as an order.

In my opinion, it was not a bright or healthy policy to issue. It simply has bad ideas written all over it, but the real problem out of this whole ordeal was even after all the deaths of these innocent people, he tried to hide the deaths on record.

While the deaths were reported, they were not classified as COVID deaths, which is what is most problematic for Cuomo.

Why someone who is the governor would hide these very vital and well-deserved statistics to his citizens, I have no idea, other than to clearly, as the kids say, ‘save face.’

While Cuomo is still refusing to respond to all of the allegations since the leaked statistics have been found, there are many families who are coming forward saying they did not actually find out about the death of their relatives until days or even months later.

I could not imagine not being told the day my grandmother or grandfather passed. If I had to find out by calling the nursing home to speak with my loved one, only to be told they were dead, I would have been devastated.

This is unacceptable, along with his other recent sexual assault allegations, which I think all point to his need to resign from governor immediately.

His constant picking at Trump’s decisions regarding COVID-19 and this incident makes him the definition of a hypocrite.