Kay-la Handbags’ designing journey


Chloe Williams

Kayla Morgan shows off some of her band T-shirt clutches. Morgan is a local designer who has an online store called Kay-la Handbags.

A long-time Hammond resident and 1993 graduate of Southeastern, Kayla Morgan has dazzled Hammond with her designs and handbags. 

Morgan is the designer for her online apparel and accessories shop, Kay-La Handbags, where she sells unique handbags along with designed, screen-printed T-shirts and sweatshirts. Her handbags are made of a variety of materials, including cotton, canvas, cords and silks. 

Her store also creates keepsake items for loved ones along with repurposing materials into something new. 

Morgan’s start in fashion and design began during her childhood. 

“Since the age of 5 I have been creating, whether it be making scrapbooks or drawing things. I’ve always had a knack for the things that had a creative flair. Also, I was obsessed with purses and hangtags,” Morgan said.When she was little, the Disney hang tags on pajamas or in clothing stores were something that caught her young eyes and she thinks back on that fascination fondly. Morgan also recalled her favorite little red purse she owned in her youth.

As she got older and pursued a higher education, Morgan began with a major in fashion merchandising. From there, as many freshmen do, Morgan switched her major. 

She first changed it to art before switching to marketing her sophomore year. 

“It was a little bit of a shift for me because I do love the business end of things, the entrepreneurship, but I also had that creative side as well so I have a Bachelor of Arts in marketing,” Morgan explained.

After graduating, Morgan’s handbag voyage initially began with herself and her mom embellishing things onto pre-existing bags.

Morgan later shifted into designing more and getting numerous people and companies involved with her journey.

About six years ago, Morgan had a storefront in Hammond. Although the store closed in 2015, she still continued to create handbags and get to where she is along with becoming a principal at a marketing firm based out of New Orleans where she still works today. 

“We specialize in marketing for salons and spas throughout the country, primarily the Aveda brand,” Morgan noted. 

Kayla R. Morgan is a local Hammond designer with an online store where she sells accessories and apparel. Her store is called Kay-La Handbags. (Chloe Williams)

When it comes to navigating the business and fashion world, Morgan reflected on how she was able to get to the creative position that she has today.  

“It’s more like navigation rather than obstacles. You have to find the resources, the money, you have to work on location, marketing and wholesale. There are so many different aspects of it, so for me, I’m a really good networker so I got involved in things pertaining to my work,” Morgan continued. 

Morgan has been involved with events such as Fashion Week in New Orleans and said she would always tend to gravitate towards creative, like-minded people in her career. 

While navigating her occupation, she said she has made mistakes that she can now learn from and apply to her design business. 

Morgan said, “Sometimes I was designing something and I’m like ‘Oh that was a disaster. What was I thinking?’ I’m also very open to feedback, I now know what works and does not work. For me, really connecting with my customers and making sure they are loving what they are getting is very unique and different from anyone else is really the key.” 

For those who want to pursue entrepreneurship, Morgan said that getting involved on campus as much as you can is a great way to start, such as the business department’s sales program. Another recommendation from Morgan is staying on the lookout for a job or an internship while in school.“Even if you work for free, if it is an industry you are interested in, you will be getting experience with people in the industry you want to be in. Once you network and connect with people after that, it really falls into place,” Morgan said. To check out Morgan’s store, visit her Instagram @kaylahandbags or her website kay-la.com.  When buying anything from her store, use the hashtag #showmeyourkayla to share Morgan’s local business.