Nu Delta brings awareness to the impact of uncontrolled emotions


Austin O'Brien

The Nu Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority stands with the three speakers of the “Unspoken Voices” seminar. In the front row, the speakers from left to right are Marcela Spicuzza, Paige Moody and Jessica McMillian.

The Nu Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority hosted an event seminar called “Unspoken Voices,” where students listened to speakers talk about ways to help keep their emotions under control in tense situations.

Hosted yesterday evening in the Pennington Center, this event featured three speakers who offered advice on controlling and overcoming emotions. The speakers were all employees on campus who have knowledge on the types of stress students can go through. 

Two of the speakers, Marcela Spicuzza and Paige Moody, work at the University Counseling center as licensed professional counselors. The third speaker, Jessica McMillian, works in the Center for Student Excellence as an advisor in healthcare and human studies.

Shaunasi James, president of Delta Sigma Theta, was optimistic about the event and the overall success of the seminar. 

“The main purpose of Unspoken Voices is to help students become aware of uncontrolled emotions and how it impacts students mentally, physically and academically. The panel consisted of two counselors and one academic advisor to depict the two different perspectives,” James said.

The audience of the “Unspoken Voices” seminar pays attention to the speakers and takes notes on the physical, mental and academic impact of uncontrolled emotions. (Austin O’Brien)

Much of the knowledge shared was how students could get a better understanding of their emotions and self-worth for a more stable state of mind. 

Moody said, “If all of our self-worth is externally focused then we don’t feel like we are in control. Knowing who you are as a person can give you more power and control in your emotions.”

Contact the University Counseling Center at 985-549-3894 for help with finding a better state of mind, or visit their office in the Student Union Annex.