Catholic Student Association experiences growth in community


Aaron Madison

CSA Vice President Chris Arroyo sprays shaving cream on Senior History Major and CSA Member Michael DeGraauw as part of their annual “Messy Games” meeting. CSA hosts meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the St. Albert Catholic Student Center.

The Catholic Student Association is an official campus organization that allows students to build friendships and grow together in their faith. The organization has gained new members every semester and is open to all Southeastern students.

According to Chris Arroyo, vice president of CSA, the organization “aims to create a community where students can join together in fellowship while growing deeper with Christ.”

The organization steadily grows each semester as new students arrive at Southeastern. 

CSA holds many meetings and events that allow students and other members to bond together. Weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. for everyone in the St. Albert Catholic Student Center. The men’s group, known as Frontline, meets weekly on Monday nights at 6 p.m., as well as the women’s group at 6:30 p.m. Topics vary weekly. 

Student members value the atmosphere that the organization creates. 

Freshman nursing major and CSA member Tyler Miller said, “I love the family environment that CSA creates and the way it gives me a place to talk with people who share something very special to me.” 

During these meetings, CSA officers lead the members in conversations or invite guest speakers to encourage and strengthen members in their faith. The organization also hosts several types of activities such as parties, game nights, messy games, religious activities or other types of social activities that are enjoyed by all. 

Since CSA is an official campus organization, they participate in campus activities such as homecoming events and tailgates. When there are events that involve organizations with booths and tables, CSA will likely be there as well. 

CSA also hosts a retreat every semester that the members look forward to, formally known as Lion Awakening which takes place at the St. Albert Catholic Student Center. 

While complications due to Hurricane Ida have impacted the progress of many projects around campus, CSA has continued to operate without too much disruption.

Taylor Bougere, campus minister and CSA alumna, said, “This semester has been a very fruitful and healing time for CSA. Even with the hurricane and continued COVID restrictions, we have had many new students come and are building a very strong, firm and consistent community here at St. Albert.” 

According to Bougere, CSA has performed very well this semester and has seen much progress. Arroyo said, “We hope to continue having more people come to our meetings and further grow our CSA community.” 

The officers have worked diligently to ensure that the organization will function smoothly for all of its new and continuing members. 

All members enjoy the meetings that the organization puts together and the atmosphere it creates. 

CSA member Kacie Edson said, “My favorite part about CSA is the community and how everyone can just be themselves.”

The organization has gained many new members in its community this semester. 

More information about this organization can be found on their Instagram @slucatholics.