Women’s Crush Wednesday: Choreographer Tia Bernard teaches women to dance with confidence


Abigail Fischer

Choreographer Tia “Tia B” Bernard teaches the women how to Vogue walk.

On Wednesday, Multicultural and International Student Affairs and ELITE Women hosted a dance class taught by choreographer Tia “Tia B” Bernard to boost confidence on and off the dance floor.

Tia B started the class with a series of stretches that would make the dance moves easier for the women. After everyone was limbered up, she jumped into the first eight-count dance.

The studio was filled with nervous faces as the women attempted Tia B’s choreography. After a few more steps and a lot of laughter, Tia B paused the class to share important information with the students.

“The dance is to make you feel more confident in yourself, to be confident in your bodies and to step out of the box,” Bernard told her students.

Tia B stressed the importance of being confident in your body and dancing for yourself. She pushed and encouraged the women to put their all into each step and really get into the performance.

The purpose of the dance class is to build confidence by challenging and focusing on yourself,” said graduate assistant for MISA Asia Young.

The women continued to practice the choreography and hyped each other up along the way. By the end of the class, everyone had learned two dance routines and performed them with confidence.

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