CAB to host Bongo Ball Mania at Pennington Center

With the spring semester just around the corner, Campus Activities Board (CAB), along with Cutting Edge Productions, is bringing the game “Bongo Ball” to campus.

“It is kind of like paintball without the paintballs,” said CAB director Todd McElroy. “You have an air cannon that shoots small Nerf footballs. There’s a video on our Facebook page that shows what it is and kind of advertises the event to get a better grasp of what it is.”

Bongo Ball consists of five players on each team, with each team attempting to advance behind obstacles, avoiding the air cannons. Once the players advance far enough, they will have the opportunity to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to their side of the court.

Cutting Edge Productions will provide inflatable obstacles, 10 units of team armor, 10 air cannons, 2 trained referees, and a scoring station.

McElroy talked about bringing Bongo Ball to campus and his expected turnout for the event.

“Their dates worked well and we thought it would be a fun activity to bring in and kick off the semester,” said McElroy. “I am hoping for in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 participants over the six hour period. “

McElroy also said that there would not be a tournament, due to the time consuming factor of the event. Instead, the games would be played in an exhibition-like setting.  

“Right now it’s just going to be open, you play five on five. With class schedules and everything else it would be hard to set up a tournament,” said McElroy.

Bongo Ball will be set up in the Pennington Recreational Center, on Jan. 24 from 2-8 p.m.