Ring distribution brings joy to graduates


Austin O'Brien

Each Southeastern ring is customized for its user, representing the individual along with the school they graduated from.

Yesterday, Southeastern held its bi-annual Ring Ceremony to commemorate graduates with their very own Southeastern Ring.

The event began with Dr. Joe Burns of the Communication and Media Studies Department welcoming friends and family of ring recipients and inviting everyone to have a seat. Once introductions were made, ring recipients arrived in a single file line led by Roomie the Lion, Miss Southeastern Megan Magri, and the Southeastern cheerleaders.

Each student received a unique, custom-ordered ring; there was a special meaning behind each symbol selected. As a way to celebrate graduates’ work, these rings serve as a reminder for their days at Southeastern and what they accomplished during their time as a student.

Rings were officially given by Dr. John Crain, president of Southeastern. Crain also gave a speech about the rings, what they mean to him and what they should mean to everyone who receives them. Once he had concluded, recipients stood to take an Oath of Pride, a statement after ring exchanges that states, “This ring denotes my pride in the tradition, education and joy of being eternally a part of the Southeastern Louisiana University family.”

In total, 66 students received graduation rings. Roomie the Lion, Southeastern’s mascot, also received a ring for “all the hard work and positivity he brings to the campus.”

Roomie The Lion received his own special ring for all of the work he does around campus. (Austin O’Brien)

The event ended with Joliet Shuff, a student vocalist, performing the school’s alma mater for students to join in on.

Seniors expecting to graduate next semester should visit the Southeastern Ring page to learn how to order their own custom ring.