Laken Goldsby: Student by day, DJ at night


Courtesy of Laken Goldsby

Laken Goldsby in action at one of her DJ gigs.

For some students, holding down a job besides class is a struggle. For others, it is an opportunity to spin into fun, creative interests they are passionate about.  

Laken Goldsby, a graduating strategic communication major, is a student, DJ, member of Tri Sigma, member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and former social media marketer for Fifth’s Arcade & Bar in Hammond.

She has to prioritize to keep up with her many roles and responsibilities. 

She said, “I always make time for studying and assignments. School comes first, so I don’t take on any more than I can handle or overbook.”

Goldsby’s DJ career began this past summer. 

“My friends and my fellow DJ friend, DJ Trebble, inspired me to go for it. Everyone knows how much I’ve always loved music, so they felt confident that I would love DJing,” Goldsby said.

DJ Trebble, Noah Davis, met Goldsby in high school, but they grew close during his freshman year at Southeastern.

“Laken was there from the start when I began DJing; over time, as I was getting booked for bigger shows, she became interested in DJing and asked me to help her find her first DJ board and teach her how to DJ,” Davis said. 

After she reached out to Davis, she found a light in the dark.

Laken Goldsby posing for a picture during one of her sets. (Courtesy of Laken Goldsby )

“I was going through a breakup at the time. I wanted to finally adopt a new hobby to make me feel happier and more independent, and DJing sounded perfect. It seemed super fun and a great outlet to express myself.”

Soon after, DJ LG/LG the OG’s performance was a hit. 

Davis said, “I believe Laken is a wonderful DJ. One being she is a female DJ, she has a good song selection and she can read the crowd. Laken is still new to DJing, but as time goes on with practice and DJing at new clubs or bars, she will get better and better.” 

Goldsby runs and promotes her DJ business by herself. 

“To promote my business, I stay very active on social media and I network with others in the Hammond and Baton Rouge area. I also make my graphics and use music over my flyers to make them more engaging and unique,” she said.

Not only does she have well-rounded skills and responsibilities, but she also has a diverse range of events to DJ at. Goldsby will DJ in a plethora of events such as private parties, restaurants, bars and weddings.

To pump up your events, contact her via Instagram @lakengoldsbyyy or email.

This article has been updated as of Feb. 28 for accuracy.