15 laid off after latest round of budget cuts

President John L. Crain’s office has released a campus update revealing that 15 occupied positions have been eliminated after the latest round of budget cuts.

Dated Thursday, Aug. 8, the memo explains that, pending final approval by the Department of state Civil Service, personnel-related budget changes will affect a grand total of 59 positions across campus. 44 of the positions will all be affected either by reduction to part-time status transfer to non-operating funding sources.

According to the memo, 28 of the 44 were moved to non-operating funding sources and were a combination of filled or vacant positions, as well as classified and unclassified. The remaining fifteen positions, nine classified and six unclassified, have been eliminated outright. However, because of Civil service seniority processes, and several transfers to existing vacancies, only 11 employees lost their jobs.

As a result of these layoffs and other changes, the university hopes to save approximately $2.7 million in salaries and benefits. Crain closed the memo by expressing his regret over losing 15 personnel to the budget.

“I regret the impact these actions have on individuals, both those whose jobs were eliminated as well as others whose work may be adversely affected by staffing changes in their areas of responsibility.”