Video contest deadline approaches

The Sims Memorial Library has celebrated National Library Week in the past with essay contests, poetry readings and other special events, but now they are asking students to create their own stories. Students can either use their own video cameras or check one out from the library to create a video.

Participants are asked to submit the story to Southeastern’s chairman of the National Library Week committee Beth West by uploading the video to and e-mailing her the link.

The five new video cameras purchased this year by the library are HD Flip cameras with a USB drive attached to the side. Students may check these out from the media center on the second floor of the library for three days at a time. The camera comes with a case and a tripod.

Head of Reference Beth Stahr is also a member of the committee. According to her, this is the first time the library has done this competition.

“We want to promote the use of those cameras and find things that are fun for students to do,” she said.

Students are asked to follow the student handbook and sexual harassment policies when making a video or else it will be disqualified. The winner of the contest will have an opportunity to access the library’s annual book sale before anyone else and fill up a bag with free books. The student’s video will also be played on the library’s first floor screen along with the other honorable mentions throughout National Library Week. The videos will loop over and over again. The video will also be on the library’s Facebook page.

“We turn this [screen] on at like 7:15 in the morning and it’s off when the library closes,” said Stahr.

The book sale is only one of events that the library holds throughout National Library Week.

On Monday, April 11, there will be a reception with cake in the library at noon, as well as a reception at Southeastern’s Baton Rouge Nursing Library.

“That library contains only works pertaining to nurses,” said West. “It’s small, but it’s really good.”

On Tuesday, April 12 at 7 p.m., there will be faculty and Southeastern associates reading original works on the library’s third floor. Wednesday will be the book sale, and it will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the first floor. The winner of the video contest will have their book dash at 9 a.m.

The entire week from April 11-15 will be a fine free week where the library will not charge students for late returned materials.

If any student would like to participate in the contest, he or she should send their video link to Beth West by April 6 at [email protected]

For information on how to use the cameras, students should go to