Chocolate unicorns and apple stacking highlight minute-to-win-it

Homecoming Week is always filled with fun and entertaining activities that students can participate in. Minute to Win It was no exception this year, challenging students from participating organizations to a number of creative contests. At the end of the event, the Black Student Union (BSU) came out on top.

Minute to Win It took place on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 6 p.m. inside of Strawberry Stadium, preceding the Students vs. Staff Flag Football game. The event is based off of the NBC television show, also titled “Minute to Win It.” One member from each participating organization was chosen to compete. The contests themselves were organized through a predetermined bracket system.

Competitors for each game were called and, through single elimination, the competition quickly heated up. Lamar Hebert, a criminal justice junior representing the BSU, came out on top.

“It feels really good to win, you know, I’m used to it because I’m a really competitive person,” said Hebert. “It was pretty decent competition, but the games didn’t really phase me as much as I expected them to.”

Emily Parrill, a senior majoring in French and nursing also competed, representing her sorority, Theta Phi Alpha. She competed in two of the games. The first was to complete a puzzle of the Homecoming event schedule and the second was to sort M&Ms by color onto different plates, the point of both being to finish quicker than the opponent.

“It’s really fun to be in front of everyone, but it’s really stressful at the same time because it’s my friends and it’s a bunch of people I don’t know,” said Parrill.

Another quirky game played in the minute to win it was the chocolate unicorn in which students competed by stacking zebra cakes on their foreheads.

As the event drew closer to the finals, the competition heated up and the crowds cheered louder. The games were all designed to challenge the participants, requiring many different skills. From bouncing pencils into a bucket to stacking golf balls, they all called for speed, patience, dexterity and a number of other qualities.

“My favorite event was the apple stack because it seemed really interesting to see that the they weren’t normal apples at all,” said Hebert.

Homecoming is a longstanding tradition at Southeastern and every year it is meant to bring Lions together, both past and present.

The competitor from Theta Chi, Dylan Laplante, an exercise science freshman, spoke on the importance of Homecoming.

“Homecoming Week is important because it brings out school spirit and brings all of the student body together as a whole. It represents us in a wonderful way.”