Union renovation impacts Bookstore sales


The Bookstore remains fully stocked despite Student Union construction. Though sales of primary product lines have been largely unaffected by the renovation, sales of convenience items have decreased.  The Lion's Roar/ Cyprien Campeaux

Although the University Bookstore provides many necessities for students including scantrons, workbooks, Southeastern apparel and snacks, the close of the Student Union for renovations has had a direct impact on sales. 

Robin Parker, Director of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives said, “Sales remain strong for our primary product lines such as class books and manuals, school and technology supplies and Southeastern apparel and gifts. We have seen a slight decrease in convenience item sales as well as products that are typically purchased on impulse.”

The bookstore will continue to be in its current location until the completion of phase two of the union renovation project. At completion, the bookstore will be relocated into the area that was once the Lion’s Den and will increase from approximately 7,000 square feet to more than 10,000. 

There were some changes made to alert students and staff about walkway closures. The marketing tactics are the result of collaborations between the Bookstore, Auxiliary Services, Public Information and the Facility Planning Staff. 

“[They] added signage regarding revised pedestrian routes, sent campus wide electronic notices regarding pedestrian routes [and] used social media to publicize revised pedestrian routes,” said Parker.

Summer and fall will continue to bring the high quality products and services that customers have come to expect. 

According to Parker, “There are orientation giveaways this summer during all summer orientation programs and there will be back to school specials in August.”

Phases two and three of the Student Union renovation are expected to be complete later this year.