WISE program accepted by University of Louisiana System

Southeastern is one of nine schools that presented in front of the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System.  

The presentation began Wednesday, Oct. 22. After two days, WISE, the Workforce and Innovation for a Stronger Economy, also known as HB 1033, was approved. 

The University of Louisiana System is dedicated to the services of Louisiana and its people. According to the ulsystem website, “the System offers a broad spectrum of education opportunities ranging from technical training at the associate level to research at the doctoral level.”

Southeastern revealed their WISE implantations plan with a presentation that included the WISE goals, targeted disciplines, the justification of WISE disciplines, justification of testimonials for these disciplines, strategies, expected outcomes and the budget. 

The five target disciplines of WISE are computer science/information technology, engineering technology, accounting, occupational safety, health and environment and finance.

According to the ulsystem website, the justification behind focusing on these five disciplines is that it has a strong base of industry partners, success placing graduates in relevant employment and a strong enrollment and/or potential to grow.

After the goals for WISE were discussed, the presentation continued with the justification behind each discipline and their GAP analysis, key partners and support provided, relevant employment success,  enrollment, completers and a justification for testimonial through the disciplines of OSHE, accounting and finance.

The goals and strategies behind WISE were also presented. The first goal is to “deliver high-demand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and business curricula and academic support to better prepare students for industry expectations.”

Second is to increase the enrollment, student retention and graduates in high-demand STEM business disciplines.

The last goal of WISE is to increase the number of populations in high-demand STEM and business disciplines that are under-represented. 

WISE has three strategies in which it will try to reach the goals of WISE’s intentions.

One strategy is to provide instruction for courses necessary for targeted WISE program completion. 

A second strategy is for student recruitment through targeted financial aid and enhanced recruitment for WISE. Targeted financial aid would provide merit-need and merit-based scholarships for WISE programs. Enhanced recruiting for WISE would entail the recruitment of trio and other under-represented groups, recruitment of dual-enrollment students and the creation of post-baccalaureate certificate programs in accounting, business administration and information technology.

Student retention is the third WISE priority with the possibility of being accomplished through mentor programs and enhanced tutoring/supplemental instruction in key courses.

Through the WISE plan, Southeastern expects the five disciplines to have an increase in numbers for both enrollment as well as completers. 

Southeastern’s presentation for HB 1033 ended with a discussion on financial aspects as well as a time for questions. 

Though the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System approved all nine university plans for the WISE fund, the WISE Council and the Louisiana Board of Regents must still approve the plans. 

For more information about WISE, the presentation made by Southeastern or the other eight universities participating and the ways in which University of Louisiana System is providing higher education across the state, visit the Universities of Louisiana Systems webpage at ulsystem.edu.