Enrollment increases for fall 2015

Enrollment increase campus view

Campus has experienced an increase of one percent for the Fall 2015 semester. This includes an increase of 122
new freshmen and an overall increase of 15.3 percent of transfer students. The
unviersity plans to work with the students to continue a steady increase and ensure that
current goals of students are met. 

Recently, university officials announced that the campus has experienced an increase in new freshmen, new transfer students and overall enrollment for the Fall 2015 semester. 

According to the university, this year’s class of freshmen has increased by 122 students and the rate of transfer students increased by 15.3 percent. 

One reason enrollment has increased is due to the university striving to meet the current needs of students as well as for when they graduate.

“Overall enrollment is increasing because Southeastern continues to seek ways to meet the needs of students,” said Interim Director of Admissions Mike Rivault. “We focus our efforts on ensuring that students at various points in their college careers have options to succeed and have tangible options to be prepared for the next step after college.”

The university also puts students first and lets those wishing to attend know that they will become a part of the Lion family.

“We have worked to ensure that students know they are well cared for here,” said Rivault. “As we’ve always said, Southeastern is about the student first. The university strives to ensure that students are treated as unique individuals and are not just numbers in a file.”

Along with working to let future students know they are more than a number on a file, the university provides numerous ways in which students can be involved and prosper for the future. 

“The opportunity to succeed is campus-wide,” said Rivault. “The intent is to have a strong university experience that provides many outlets for students to grow, learn and succeed. From student media to athletics to student organizations, Southeastern is always seeking new ways to provide its students with those opportunities.”

Outside of a variety of activities offered on campus, Real-World Ready, a program created to help students prepare for a professional life with real world experiences, is one innovative way in which the university has helped enrollment increase. 

“Much like getting the message that we really care about our students out, Real-World Ready is also enabling us to demonstrate that care in action,” said Rivault. “One of the hallmarks of a Southeastern education is that there are so many opportunities for experiencing hands-on education. The RWR program will operationalize these options and expand this valuable experience that prepares our students for their careers. As prospective students learn about this program, they quickly understand its value.”

The university is continuously working to increase enrollment for the future, while also working with its partnership with Northshore Technical Community College.

“We do see a great deal of potential growth in the future,” said Rivault. “We are working diligently to revamp how we recruit and retain students, evaluating options to encourage even more high achieving students to attend Southeastern and we are also working high school by high school to ensure that current high school students know that they are welcome to Southeastern and they will receive a second to none education. We are also working very closely with Northshore Technical Community College on programs that facilitate a seamless transition to Southeastern.”

With enrollment increase, the university is able to create a positive experience for the entire campus.

“While Southeastern does not have a specific need for a particular level of enrollment, we always want it strong,” said Rivault. “Strong enrollment means a strong campus culture. This is always a positive for our students.”