Southeastern ranked 5th at SEJC

The university ranked fifth overall at the Southeastern Journalism Conference due to the talent of students discovered by faculty from the Department of Languages and Communication.

The conference involved 26 other universities and took place at Austin Peay State University during the last weekend of February. Students competed in different categories covering various aspects of journalism. The individual awards in each category were combined to produce a score, which placed the universities with their overall ranking.

Senior communication major Connor Raborn took home first place in feature writing despite his own disbelief. 

“After they had called third and second place, I honestly thought ‘well that’s it, I didn’t place because there’s no way I won first’,” said Raborn. “When they called first place and the first thing they said was Southeastern Louisiana University, as soon as they said it, I was shocked.”

Other award winners were senior Dominique Brogle and junior Jordan Reid who finished second in television news; junior Jaylon Morris, junior Justin Redman and senior Tyler Waggenspack who finished second in ethics; and senior Brooke Robichaux received an honorable mention in sports photography.

The Press Club was among the university organizations involved in this conference. Press Club President, and senior communication major Heather Rogers was proud of attendees and said the performance was gracious. 

“It’s not how you celebrate, it’s also how you take failure,” said Rogers. “I think all of our members had really great character and they will learn from their mistakes.”

According to Rogers, the conference is a great way for students pursuing a career in journalism to show their skills and meet professionals in the field as well as students from other universities. She also has advice for people looking to go to the conference next year. 

“If you’re going to go, give it your all,” said Rogers. “Wake up early. It’s going to be a long day. It’s going to be hectic. It’s a really great learning experience.”

Faculty from the Department of Languages and Communication help students by nominating them to compete. According to associate professor and Press Club advisor, Dr. Amber Narro, faculty is best suited to discover the talented student to represent the university at SEJC as the professor’s grade students’ work and see what they are capable of. 

“It’s an honor to be nominated because that means somebody has really seen some talent in you and thinks you can do really well,” said Narro. “We placed fifth overall so I think we did pretty well.”

Campus broadcast also stood out at the competition. The Southeastern Channel ranked No. 1 for the best college television station and No. 2 for the best college video program. KSLU ranked No. 2 for the best college radio station. 

To find out more information on the Southeast Journalism Conference, go to website at To find out more about the Press Club, meetings are at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights in D Vickers room 384.