Do you know ‘the code’?

 Antoinette Alack, Assistant Director for the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability asists a student worker while explaining policies associated with the Conduct Handbook.
                                                                                Riana Braselman/ The Lion's Roar


The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability formally known as the Office of Student Conduct hosts many campaigns and a peer hearing board to inform students of their rights and responsibilities while on campus.

“Students are responsible for being familiar with all university standards, rules and regulations, and by educating them, it reduces the prevalence of conduct violations,” said Antoinette Alack, Assistant Director for the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability.

One of the ways the office educates students about the rules on campus is by hosting campaigns throughout the school year. “Know the Code” was created to help incoming and returning students to familiarize themselves with these regulations.

“‘Know the Code’ is an annual campaign held in the first few weeks of fall and spring semesters to inform the campus community, specifically the student body about our university policies, conduct standards and general expectations that we advocate for as a proactive practice to promote student success here at Southeastern,” said Alack. “In fact, since the establishment of the campaign in 2008, The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability has reduced our recidivism rate from 5 percent to less than 2.5 percent which has an impact on retention.”

Advocacy and Accountability has also established a hearing board for students, faculty and staff to participate in. 

“The Hearing Board is a panel of faculty, staff and students that hear cases that have allegedly violated university policy,” said Alack. “Students will have the opportunity to be trained to hear cases, investigate through questioning, deliberate on information collected, and decide a finding on the matter at hand based on a preponderance standard.”

The recruitment process for the Hearing Board will take place from Aug. 14 until Sept. 1. 

“The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability is recruiting upperclassmen that are strongly interested and passionate about serving as peer adjudicators,” said Alack. “All majors are welcome to apply.  Students must have good work ethic, be professional, dependable and maintain confidentiality. In addition, they must be in good standing, free of any disciplinary or academic violations to serve.”

Applications should be sent to no later than Sept. 1. A brief background check is required once applications are sent in. An in-person interview and mandatory training will follow.

The purpose of the board is to encourage and redirect students with the assistance of their peers.

“It is no secret that students learn from other students,” said Alack. “The Hearing Board is a great way to educate and redirect student behavior back on the right track toward graduation and to advocate for better choices.”