Four sports highlight fall 2011 intramurals

Extracurricular activities are a vital part of a student’s college experience. This fall Southeastern will be offering four different intramural sports, including flag football, volleyball, dodgeball, a new addition in Ultimate Frisbee and possibly a bowling league toward the end of September. Intramural sports are designed to provide students with an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports in a safe, fun and structured environment.

“It gets students to come out and take a break from all the stress,” said Chad Pendarvis, coordinator of Recreational Services. “It’s healthy for them to get out and do this kind of stuff instead of just sit in the dorm.”

The first season to get underway this fall will be flag football, beginning Sept. 12, with the captains meeting being held on Sept. 7. Flag football has four leagues including Greek, coed, men’s and women’s. Each team will be set at a max of 15 players, with the exception of the coed league, which is to be 16 with an even amount of males and females. Each game will be played 7 on 7, Monday through Thursday at North Oak Park on North Campus.

“I have played intramural football since I was a freshman and it’s something I look forward to every semester,” said Shawn Roberts, senior computer science major. “I met a lot of people through intramurals, so it has a big impact on your social life on campus.”

The dodgeball, volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee seasons are all set to begin on Sept. 19, with all the captains’ meetings scheduled for Sept. 14.  Dodgeball will meet first at 6 p.m. followed by volleyball at 7 p.m. and last will be Ultimate Frisbee at 8 p.m.

Dodgeball will be played in the Pennington Student Athletic Center with a max of eight players per team and 5 on 5 competitions. Volleyball will also be held in the Pennington Center with a max of 10 people per team. The Ultimate Frisbee league is still in the works with no set amount of players per team and no exact location.

“Being that it (Ultimate Frisbee) is new, it depends on how many teams we have, but it’s either going to be out in front of the Pennington or at North Oak Park,” said Pendarvis.  

Students interested in getting involved in intramural sports can pick up a registration form for their team at the control desk of the Pennington Center and/or attend the respective captains’ meeting. Also, students who desire to play but have no team are encouraged to attend the captains meeting of their desired sport as a free agent and will be assigned a team.