Lucas excited about the 2011 season

The 2011 college football season is upon us and the Southeastern University Lions have already begun preseason workouts to prepare for the fall season.  Practice continues through the week, with Aug. 14 as an off day, until Aug. 16, the day before the fall semester begins.

“I’m excited about the start of the 2011 Lion football season,” said Head Coach Mike Lucas.  “Our young men have worked very hard.”

With the new season comes change.  Last years class of freshmen saw 23 recruits, 20 of whom were red-shirted.  With only nine seniors, the experience gained by the extra year may be what the Lions football needs.

“I believe that we have put together the best athletic team that we have had since I’ve been here, as far as position by position, athleticism and our ability to play football,” said Lucas.  “There are some positions where we have to really get them up to speed, game experience wise, but I think the ability is there to perform beyond what we have in the past.”

Training camp began on Aug. 4 and concludes on Aug. 16.  Full pads were allowed for the first time on Aug. 8 and shells on Aug. 6.  Lucas keyed on experience and team unity during these workouts as the players showed great work ethic in offensive plays.

“For the first day in shoulder pads, the third day of camp, we had an outstanding workout,” said Lucas.  “Some of the things we were doing offensively, for just being the third day, were amazing.”

Defensive coordinator Matt Webb described how the defense can affect the game and in some aspects, help you win.  Researching the best defenses and their schemes has brought them new ideas for the season and is a way to learn how to improve the Lion defense.

“What we talk about defensively, is you win games with fundamentals,” said Webb, “and no matter what defense you run, or schematic system you run, defense comes down to four things: stopping the run game, eliminating long pass plays, winning on third downs and creating take-a-ways.  That allows our offense to come back on the field more often and gain possessions.”

Webb also expressed a sense of urgency that was required for a defense to play to its fullest potential.  Experience from other teammates may help others learn this aspect and push the defense to become better.

“A great defense always plays with an extreme amount of effort, high energy and high excitement,” said Webb.  “We’ve got guys that have been in the program another year and they will be able know what to expect and they can lead others, showing them the fundamentals of how to play.”

Lion’s football begins September 3 against rivals Tulane in the New Orleans Superdome at 2:30 p.m.  For more information, visit the Lions athletic Web page at or call the main office number at 985-549-2253.