Full Court Fest takes place today at University Center

As fall rolls in and football season begins to wind down, basketball season makes its way into the hearts and minds of sports fans. To kick off  men’s and women’s seasons, Southeastern’s Athletic Department will be holding their fourth annual Full Court Fest.

“It’s kind of a kickoff to basketball season,” said Carley Cryer, coordinator of Full Court Fest.

Cryer expects even bigger things than last year’s event, which brought several hundred free T-shirts and free pizzas to students and fans.

“Last year was really successful,” said Cryer. “This year we’re trying to amp it up a bit with more promotional contests, like we would do at a basketball game. It’s kind of like a taste of what we’ll be doing all season. “

Aside from free T- shirts and pizza, Cryer mentioned a new promo that they will be offering to students.

“We have some things with cash prize giveaways, and we’re also going to be raffling off some Jay-Z and Kanye West tickets,” said Cryer.

Last year, Full Court Fest hosted a Southeastern-themed fashion show, with several members of sororities and fraternities participating. Last year’s event also featured a cash grab, and the “Chicken Chunk,” which involved junior forward DeShawn Patterson and senior guard Chelsea Hix flinging rubber chickens over their back into a laundry basket several feet away. The event ended with a dunk contest, won by senior guard Gary Dixon.

The event will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8, in the University Center at 7 p.m. Cryer offered a few last minute tips to fans looking to attend.

“Come and be spirited. Just be loud and excited,” said Cryer.