Making gains

In a recent survey published by USA Today, Southeastern was ranked #193 on a list of total revenue made last year by 230 NCAA affiliated schools. According to the survey, Texas led all other universities on the list by raking in $165,691,486 last year. 

Total revenue earned by a school was determined by six different categories: ticket sales, contributions, rights and licensing, student fees, school funds and other. 

When comparing 2012 and 2013, Southeastern has increased revenue in three of the six categories. Despite free tickets for students and faculty to a majority of home sporting events, Southeastern increased its gains coming from ticket sales. Southeastern reportedly earned $218,471 from ticket sales in 2012 and increased to $358,458 a year later. 

Another category in which Southeastern increased its revenue was from contributions. This includes any type of funding received from individuals, corporations, associations, foundations, clubs or other organizations meant for the operations of the athletic department. Southeastern gained $875,694 in 2013 compared to the $781,945 earned in 2012.

The last area of growth in revenue for Southeastern was the “other” category. Funds in this category varied from revenue earned from television income to income received from camps. This category also includes revenue earned from game programs, concessions and other novelties. Southeastern increased by a small margin as the university jumped from $1,576,217 in 2012 to $1,590,583 the following year. 

Revenue coming from state funds and tuition is included in this category. Since 2011, Southeastern has seen its revenue from school funds decrease each year. In 2012, revenue coming from state funding was $5,654,163, which decreased to $5,132,337 in 2013. 

Along with the revenues of the 230 schools, the survey also included the total expenses. According to the survey, Southeastern is ranked #191 in total expenses of an athletic department. Scholarships are the highest expenditure by Southeastern as the Lions spent $3,703,948 last year. Coaching staff came in not too far off as the university spent $3,615,987 in 2013. 

Other expenses included the total amount spent to keep up the different facilities and grounds. 

Fans cheer at football game

Lion fans roar with excitement during a Southeastern football game. Fan participation may have sparked revenue increases for athletics. The Lion's Roar / Christopher Martin