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Athlete of the Week  Andrew Godbold, a junior majoring in general studies, hails from Oak Park, Illinois. After a successful career at Triton College, Godbold joined the Lions for the 2014 season. He had a strong season as right-fielder, which included a Hitter of the Week award and an impressive .349 batting average and concluded with Godbold being named the Southland Conference Newcomer of the Year. Godbold was also drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in round 23 of the 2014 MLB Draft. 


The Lion’s Roar: After starting your college career in Illinois, what brought you here to Southeastern?

Andrew Godbold: The opportunity. It’s a good program and it’s a good school. I wanted to be a part of something special and I wanted to play in Division I. Southeastern was the best opportunity available to me.


TLR: How did your first year at Southeastern go?

AG: Awesome. It was a little culture shock at first, but then I got used to it. It became like a second home.


TLR: What is the toughest aspect of being a college athlete?

AG: I would say time management. You don’t want to fall behind, but you also want to have fun. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices. 


TLR: How did it feel to become conference champion?

AG: It was amazing. The goal at the beginning of the year was to get that ring. The season would have been incomplete had we not finished strong and we finished how we needed to play. 


TLR: What does the Southland Newcomer of the Year like to do while he is not playing ball or working on school?

AG: Hang out with my roommates. I have a great living situation; I live with Sam Robinson and Justin Church. We are always together.


TLR: How did you feel when you made it onto the ESPN Sportscenter Top-10 plays?

AG: That was a dream come true right there. It is one of those things you dream of as a kid. You watch it every day, and all of a sudden you’re watching yourself. I didn’t know what to do, I was just shocked.


TLR: Are there any role models that you look up to?

AG: I have plenty. Just off the top of my head right now, I am thinking Muhammad Ali. If you want to stick with baseball, then it is Jackie Robinson and all those who came before me [who] allowed me to do what I am doing today. I know I would not be able to play this game if it weren’t for those who fought before me. 


TLR: Being from Chicago, are you a White Sox fan or Cubs?

AG: Cubs, for sure. 

Andrew Godbold

Andrew Godbold