Soccer team advances to 4-2

Lady Lions soccer

The Lion’s Roar / Heather Jewell
Senior team captain Chelsea Villaescusa and sophomore Lauren Lorentz leave the ground to fight for the incoming ball. Villaescusa has been vital in leading the defense and has started every match thus far. Lorentz has proven to be a spark of offense coming off the bench, averaging 17 minutes per match this season. 

The Lady Lions soccer team faced off against Central Arkansas this past Friday and defeated them 2-1. The Lions now hold a 4-2 record in Southland Conference; 11-3 for their season and continue to be undefeated at their home field with 7-0 record.

The two teams were evenly matched with forceful offensive tactics and strong defensive plays. However, the key factor of the match was Southeastern’s ability to press into the goal box, providing themselves with more opportunities to score.

If the girls’ shots had met the net each time, the game would have been a landslide. However, Arkansas’ goalie, freshman Anna Hughes, let only the two winning goals past.

The game began with the Lady Lions in possession of the ball and pushing through Arkansas’ defense.

“We tried playing more attacking minded instead of defensively,” said junior Kayla Vera.

When UCA broke past the Lion’s defense, their first shot missed, yet they came back  and scored the game’s first goal in the 12th minute.

That didn’t stop Southeastern’s team from continuing to fight. The game became increasingly physical when UCA’s #12 fouled Gisenia Utreras.

Both Cheyenne Maxwell and Maggie Ramsey continue to make shots at Hughes but with no resulting goals. It is in the final minute of the first half that sophomore Bri Singh  scored off a penalty kick taken by Maggie Ramsey.

“I was excited to know we were coming out of half time with an even slate. It’s a lot harder when losing 1-0, it feels like we are playing catch up,” said Singh.

Ending the first half tied 1-1 had the fans attention riveted and their cheering never let up. One fan, sophomore Kadeem Vance commended sophomore Katie Noonan’s and senior Chelsea Villaescusa’s throw ins. 

“Their arms are better than mine were in middle school, and I’ve got strong arms,” said Vance.

At the start of the second half, Noonan continued to create opportunities for the Lions to score but was just shy of making a goal. UCA players continued to play aggressively and foul the Lions but they responded with effective plays. Halfway into the second half, Noonan launches a throw in from the left side line towards junior midfielder Erin Christ who takes it and brings the ball into the goal.

The girls continued to play well, communicating to one another and shutting down any attempts by UCA with a strong backline and forceful midfield. 

The Lions almost scored again when sophomore Amber Lasher took a shot from midfield and launched it at the goal. However, the ball just missed the inside and instead slammed into the right side bar and went out of bounds.

“We kept sticking to the game plan and were able to produce those two goals that we needed to win,” said Coach Blake Hornbuckle.

The lady lion’s next game will be held in Nacogdoches, TX against the three times defending Southland Conference regulars Stephen F. Austin. The game will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday.