Athlete of the Week

Baptiste Courtachon

Baptiste Courtachon

Senior golfer Baptiste Courtachon has been chosen for this week’s Athlete of The Week. Courtachon is from Antibes, France and majoring in business administration. He finished his last tournament as a student this past week with a final round of 69 and tied for 10th at one-under par.


The Lion’s Roar: How have you liked living at Southeastern?

Baptiste Courtachon: I’ve liked it a lot, the weather is very nice, and I have very good friends. I love it.

TLR: Was it hard to move here from France?

BC: Yes, it was very hard, and still is. I get homesick, but I have very good friends and it helps. It was pretty hard the first year, but it is easier now. 

TLR: Do you take time to call your parents?

BC: Yes, I do. We Skype a lot, and I do whatever I can do to stay in touch every day. 

TLR: How long have you been playing golf? Who introduced you to it?

BC: I’ve played golf since I was 10, maybe. My father introduced me to it. He was a very good soccer player, and I was into that, but after I began playing golf I became more interested.

TLR: What drew you to the sport of golf?

BC: At the beginning I didn’t like golf, but after I played, I did. With this sport, you can win a tournament and still not be satisfied with your performance. So [improving] never ends, and that’s very exciting.

TLR: What do you plan on doing after college?

BC: I’ll go back home. I have my golf teaching degree, and I would like to teach it and become a professional player. 

TLR: Are you happy with how you finished out your career at Southeastern?

BC: I am happy. I talked with my coach about how at the beginning I didn’t play like I wanted to but improved this semester. So yes, I’m very happy.

TLR: What has been your best play over the years?

BC: When I was back home I won a tournament by 11 shots, and I think that was my best performance. It was pretty exciting to play like that.

TLR: Were your parents able to watch you?

BC: My mom came the last day. I don’t like my parents to watch me, but I had a seven shot lead and so I thought it would be nice. She wanted to see me, so I thought, “What the heck?”

TLR: Was it hard being a foreign exchange student? 

BC: In the beginning, it was hard finding a roommate. After I moved in with Grady Brame, he helped me a lot to make myself comfortable. His parents are like a second mom and dad to me. 

TLR: What do you plan on doing with your major?

BC: I don’t really know. I will go back home and try to become a pro. Maybe after I’m done with golf ,I could try to do something with it.

TLR: What is your favorite Louisianan food?

BC: Something I like a lot is fried shrimp with some Chinese stuff on it.

TLR: Soy sauce?

BC: Yes, I like that so much.

TLR: Do you like the beignets here?

BC: I like it, but back at home they are better. They are bigger and just not the same.