Athlete of the Week

Chelsea Villaescusa

Chelsea Villaescusa

Senior defensive soccer player Chelsea Villaescusa has been chosen to be Athlete of the Week. Villaescusa is a California native and came to Southeastern in 2012 after playing her freshman year at Long Beach State. Since joining the Lady Lions, Villaescusa has started every match she has played in. Last year Villaescusa was awarded with All-Southland Conference and All-Louisiana honors. She will be graduating in the spring. 


The Lion’s Roar: How long have you been playing soccer?

Chelsea Villaescusa: I’ve been playing since I was a little girl, about three or four years old, and then I started club when I was around seven or eight. I’ve just kept playing since then.


TLR: Who introduced you to the sport?

CV: As a kid my parents put me in a bunch of sports and then when I was older they said ‘choose a sport’ and I chose soccer.


TLR: Were you interested in any of the other sports they put you in?

CV: I liked gymnastics a lot. I had to choose between it and soccer. 


TLR: Why did you choose to come play at Southeastern?

CV: I went to Long Beach [College] first, and then I transferred my sophomore year. I just wanted to get away from home and knew it was only for a couple years so I might as well do it.


TLR: Was it hard to leave your family?

CV: It was, it was very difficult, but you learn and grow from it.


TLR: What hobbies do you have outside of soccer?

CV: I don’t do much, I watch TV, but I mostly study and do my best to make good grades.


TLR: What is your major?

CV: Fitness and Human Performance.


TLR: What would you like to do with that degree?

CV: I want to be a physical trainer and maybe, one day, open my own gym.


TLR: What will you miss most about Louisiana when you go back home to California?

CV: I’m going to miss my teammates a lot. They’re the only family I have out here.


TLR: Will you miss anyone specifically?

CV: Yes, especially my roommates Cheyenne [Maxwell] and Erin [Christ]. They will be here another year so we’ll definitely keep in touch.


TLR: What is your favorite Louisiana meal?

CV: I like spicy food, so jambalaya.


TLR: Will you continue to be a Southeastern fan and follow the team’s progress in upcoming years?

CV: Of course, always.


TLR: Who has impacted you  in your time here?

CV: Both my coaches did, they’ve helped me out a lot, been there for me and always had my back.


TLR: Would you ever consider continuing your soccer career?

CV: I will, I’ll probably take a year off and then go back into playing Indoor or just a little league to keep going.