Athlete of the Week

Sofia Olsson

Sofia Olsson

Sofia Olsson is a freshman soccer player from Lysekil, Sweden. She is 5 feet 9 inches in height and a forward/midfielder for the Lady Lion’s. She is the daughter of Fred Olsson and Liselott Friman. She also has an older brother, Johan. In native Sweden, she was a multi-sport athlete and student council member. Olsson is undecided about her major, but is thinking about criminal justice or psychology.


The Lion’s Roar: When did you start playing soccer?

Sofia Olsson: When I was five years old.


TLR: What inspired you to become a soccer player?

SO: Everyone in Sweden starts playing soccer; so it was more of a question when. 


TLR: What is your favorite thing about soccer?

SO: That you are never alone. 


TLR: What is your pregame routine?

SO: I do not really have a specific routine, but I prefer eating a massive breakfast, then eat at least two more meals before the game. Usually, I take a walk to wake up my body. 


TLR: How do you get through long practices with the heat and/or rain?

SO: It’s about being prepared mentally and to drink a lot of water. 


TLR: Besides soccer, do you like any other sports or have any other hobbies?

SO: I don’t have time to do another sport, but when I was younger, I played badminton besides soccer. In my spare time, I’m hanging out with friends. 


TLR: How do you balance school, practices, games and a social life?

SO: It’s a struggle, but as long as I use my time wisely I will be able to handle it. But, then comes the time difference to my friends and family in Sweden; so, I FaceTime a lot between classes and practices. 


TLR: Do you have any goals for this season? Semester?

SO: My personal main goal is to learn as much as possible since I’m used to a different way of coaching and thinking. But, I want to have a successful season with this talented team. I want to win my first ring. 


TLR: What made you choose Southeastern for college?

SO: It is a successful team, and I liked coach Hornbuckle’s philosophy. 


TLR: How is living in south Louisiana different from living in Sweden?

SO: I don’t know where to start. The food, the mentality, the culture, the stores, the roads; everything is different. The biggest difference is all the stop signs.


TLR: What is your favorite thing about living in Louisiana?

SO: The jambalaya maybe. 


TLR: What do you miss most about being away from home?

SO: My friends, family and not seeing mountains. 


TLR: Do you have any role models?

SO: My friends Lisa and Zlatan, of course. 


TLR: What is the best advice you have ever received?

SO: During a fitness test I was told, “Keep going, it’s only 13 minutes of your life.” 


TLR: Do you have any advice for younger athletes?

SO: Have courage and believe in yourself because no one deserves success more than you do.