Athlete of the week

Walker High School graduate Trevor Johnson, a freshman kinesiology major and distance runner on the cross country team, started off strong this season. In his first invitational, he finished in tenth place with his teammate. Shortly after at the McNeese 6K Relays, he turned in the best men’s time, finishing in tenth place. 


The Lion’s Roar: Just starting off as a freshman, how does it feel to be a Southeastern student?

Trevor Johnson: It’s a bit overwhelming because it’s a big change from high school to college and there’s a lot of new experiences and changes happening all at once. I’m getting used to the college life and it’s going pretty well so far. 


TLR: What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

TJ: I usually like to read books, listen to music, hang out with friends and watch Netflix. I also like to drive around to different places. 

TLR: How did you come to be a member of the team?

TJ: I was a walk on. I basically wanted to come here because the kinesiology program is pretty great and I feel like I would have fit in here rather than anywhere else. 

TLR: How does it feel to be a member of the cross country team or to be a Lion?

TJ: It feels pretty great to be a member of the team. It’s a new experience, being on the college level and moving on from high school. 

TLR: What do you want to accomplish this season?

TJ: This season I would definitely like to accomplish getting in the Southland Conference, try my best in all of my races and give it all I have.

TLR: What are you looking forward to this season?

TJ: I’m definitely looking forward to the competition and how well we will do as a team and mostly the road trips. 

TLR: What do you enjoy about being in class or on campus?

TJ: It’s a different experience. I like that we don’t have to wear school uniforms because that was always a drag in high school. You actually have to pay attention and there’s no interruptions. 

TLR: What do you like about being an athlete?

TJ: I like being with the same group of people that enjoy running and have the same interests as me. It’s a good experience to be with people who share similar interests. 

TLR: What do you miss the most about home?

TJ: I honestly miss my mom’s cooking, the Popeyes chicken my family and I would eat together on Friday nights, movie nights that we would do and a few board games here and there that we would play together. 

TLR: Looking back at your performance in the McNeese 6K Relays, how does it feel knowing that you finished with the best men’s time, finishing in tenth place?

TJ: I felt good, but I know there’s some work that still needs to be done and I shouldn’t be satisfied and I need to keep moving forward and press on.

TLR: When you’re running, what do you keep in mind to keep yourself going?

TJ: I tell myself ‘don’t stop,’ ‘keep moving forward’ and to ‘press on.’