Franklinton’s Shane Smith joins Lions as assistant coach

The long time high school coach Shane Smith will be joining the Lions as an
assistant coach on the offensive staff working with wide receivers. 
Courtesy of Randy Bergeron

When the seasons change this fall semester, so will the university’s football coaching staff.

Shane Smith, who has served as head coach at Franklinton High School is joining the coaching staff. 

Smith has a strong coaching record with a winning percentage of 69.6 percent. With 142 wins and 62 losses during his career at Franklinton High, the Demons surged into the spotlight of high school football and the team missed the playoffs only once in 17 years.

Smith explains the methods he used for Franklinton High, he will also use at Southeastern.

“At the end of the day, coaching football is about teaching and motivating kids,” said Smith. “Obviously these kids are well-trained and motivated or they wouldn’t be playing for the Lions, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

According to Smith, his new position with the Lions will be as a wide receiver coach. 

“I’m looking forward to working with Coach Ron Roberts and Mr. Artigues,” said Smith. “I’m extremely excited and I’m extremely thankful to both of them. I’ll be representing Southeastern to the best of my ability.”

Smith is a graduate of Southeastern and completed a degree in kinesiology and health studies in 1996. Afterward, he began a career in coaching. His first position was an assistant coach at Amite High School. He then went to Independence High School where he served as assistant football coach for four seasons. During Smith’s tenure, the Tigers reached state finals in the years 1997 and 1998.

Smith will begin on-field duties as part of the coaching staff in the Lions’ fall camp this August. He explained that during his final year at Franklinton High, he focused on finding a capable replacement who could continue his legacy.

Confident about his new position, Smith expects that he will transition smoothly into his new career. He plans to tackle the challenges of coaching college level players with his unique experiences.

“I’m mainly going to use the same old coaching techniques I’ve always used,” said Smith. “There are going to be some obvious differences, like the skill level of college players versus high school, obviously the game will be taught on a higher level,” said Smith. “It may be a challenge, but it’s one I’m looking forward to.”

Armed with a strong game record, a can-do attitude and over two decades of coaching experience, Smith will gladly approach his new job as a wide receiver coach and anything else the Lions might ask of him.

“It feels great to be joining Southeastern,” said Smith. “I’ve been hired as wide receiver coach and I plan to do that well. But I’m also open to any other responsibilities Coach Roberts wants to give me.”