University Center finds new court

The University Center will soon have a new basketball court for the arena that the volleyball and basketball teams will use this upcoming season. The flood that occurred in March permanently damaged the previous court.

“The court was under three and a half inches of water for twenty to thirty hours, so it was totally waterlogged,” said University Center Director Duane Shafer. “After a day or so, the boards began to buckle. There was really no way to salvage it.”

After the stormy weather subsided, the search for a brand new basketball court began.

“We advertised for bids and awarded the contract on May second for the new court,” said Shafer.

The new court will have a new design and give a new look to the arena as a whole with a different mascot and logo.

“We will have a different paint/logo scheme on the court,” said Shafer. “Not one hundred percent firm yet, but the graphics/paint job we’re considering is different from the old court. It should really look great.” 

While waiting for the new court to be put in place, the basketball and volleyball teams have used other gyms on campus for practice and conditioning.

We have had to use the Pennington and Kinesiology facilities on campus in the meantime,” said basketball coach Jay Ladner. “We are thankful for the support of the folks that run those arenas and for working with us during this time.”

The court will be ready and placed in August. Until then, the University Center will continue to be used for other activities and events that do not require the court to be in place.

“The teams really don’t use the floor a lot during summer other than just some shooting and conditioning,” said Shafer. “We should have the court in place by mid August in time for volleyball practice to begin. It does however affect a couple of basketball camps that were supposed to be here this summer.  The camps will still be held, but mainly in the Pennington. Dance and cheer camps can proceed as scheduled. They really don’t need the court.”