Meet the Lion: Taylor Schwaner

Taylor Schwaner

Before coming to the university, Junior infielder Taylor Schwaner, a New Orleans native, displayed athleticism in high school. At Holy Cross High School, Schwaner played in the Connie Mack World Series and was named team captain after hitting .350 his senior year. This year Schwaner has been granted Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week, Southland Conference Hitter of the Week and LSWA Louisiana Hitter of the Week.  

The Lion’s Roar: What influenced you to start playing baseball? 

Taylor Schwaner: I guess because I had a big baseball family. My dad and my brother played college baseball and that really inspired me.

TLR: Do you think coming from a baseball family really pushed you to stick with it? 

TS: Not really, I’ve always loved it. 

TLR: Is your family’s baseball success motivation for you? 

TS: My dad and my brother both went to UNO and were great players, and having them as role models set a high standard for me. They help me out with a lot of things.

TLR: When you’re not on the field how do you occupy your time?

TS: I just hang out with friends, play video games. I just like to be around everybody.

TLR: How do you find time to balance school and baseball?

TS: It’s really about making time for everything. As soon as I finish practice, I’ll go to my school work and vice versa. It’s all about putting your mind to it.

TLR: How do you think your game against LSU went?

TS: It was a tough game. We were down the whole time. The home run I hit kind of boosted our confidence.

TLR: Are you satisfied with how the last game went? 

TS: All and all, it was a tough game. Of course, it would have been great to win but we just have to learn from it and get ready for the next one. 

TLR: What do you hope to bring to the next games?

TS: It’s the same thing I’ve been doing. I’ll keep preparing as well as with my team and just take it one game at a time. 

TLR: Which season of playing college ball has been your favorite?

TS: Honestly, right now, it’s this one. It’s about growth, and I see so much growth in myself and in my team. Every season is something to grow from.

TLR: Do you feel the same way about baseball as you did when you first started playing?

TS: No, I can’t say I do. I’ve always loved what I did, it’s a part of me and my family. 

TLR: How do you think this season differs from your past seasons? 

TS: I think I’m way more mature. Even from last year, I feel like I know so much more now, that’s about it.

TLR: Do you have any advice for any high school players coming into their college career? 

TS: Do what you love, stay focused and never stop enjoying what you do.