An athlete, a coach, a winner

Lady Lions soccer Head Coach Christopher McBride won his first game in his debut against Jackson State University. McBride is only the fourth head coach in the history of the program.
Jonathan Rhodes/The Lion’s Roar

Lady Lions soccer team Head Coach Christopher McBride has been selected as one of 30 coaches to join 2017-18 United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Program. 

McBride cherished this opportunity as it will be a great learning experience for him.

“It’s fantastic,” said McBride. “I’m really honored to be a part of that. They had a lot of applicants, and I feel really honored to be chosen. It’s gonna be really good in the first year as the head coach.”

The program had over 300 applicants who were keen to get the opportunity to get a year-long education program and mentorship opportunity.

“It’s an education program,” said McBride. “So, the biggest thing for me is learning from the coach who’s been there and done that. Basically, he’s been a head coach for 15 years and getting some ideas from him on little things that you can only learn as a head coach. There’s some things you learn on the job, so I’ll bounce some ideas off of him and get his ideas and opinion and get some answers from him. It’s gonna be fantastic.”

The selected coaches for the program also receive an educational scholarship for an Advanced Diploma of the coach’s choosing as well as get a registration for the United Soccer Coaches Convention. 

The program was started in 2013 and has provided a great educational and networking platform for coaches of many levels. McBride one of 19 college coaches was who were selected for the program also include seven club coaches, two high school coaches and a pair of professional coaches.

McBride further spoke about how observing a veteran coach can benefit him.

“It’s nice to have a mentor now who’s been in the game for 15 years has been successful,” said McBride. “I can run ideas by him, bounce ideas off and communicate and talk about leadership and culture and teams, and it’s really good. So, I’m honored to be a part of it, and it’s a great learning experience for me in my first year as the head coach. So, it’s been great.”

In his first season at the university, McBride has made a positive impact on the players. Junior defender Christina Cutura reflects on what the coach has brought in to the team.

“Definitely a lot of positivity and confidence in the girls,” said Cutura. “He truly believes in us and what we can do and what we’re capable of doing. He really loves us bonding and meshing, and we’ve spent a lot of time in these past two weeks together. It really pays off in the field with that chemistry.”

Senior midfielder Maddie Kresevic was also appreciative of the new coach and how he has operated so far.

“We all really like him as a coach and as a person,” said Kresevic. “He cares about us, and he knows what he’s talking about and he can implement his plans.”