Golf team connects with community through service

Golf Head Coach Jake Narro,above, along with seven players contributed in community service during their break last month. Courtesy of Sports Information

The Lions golf team gave back to the community during their weekend off ahead of the Cardinal Challenge last month. They were involved with the PIG Invitational Charity as well as the Keep Hammond Beautiful Cleanup Days.

Head Coach Jake Narro explained how the team helped with the PIG Invitational Charity.

“We were down there volunteering, just helping them put everything together, give the tournament a stage and everything,” said Narro. “We were out to play with certain groups throughout the day, and at the end of the day, we just helped them wrap it all up. It’s a long day for us, but it was a good day for charity.”

Narro described how the team also had the opportunity to play golf during the event.

“They certainly enjoyed doing that one because ultimately they get to play a little golf while they’re helping out,” said Narro. “They also made some good contacts down there, met some new people, so they enjoyed doing it. You know, they are raising money throughout the day on how good a shot we can hit. The closer to the hole, more charity money. It is better for the charity.” 

The 37th annual PIG Invitational Charity at Beau Chene Country Club in Covington contributes its proceeds to St. Tammany Parish organizations that take care of children and seniors. The charity has donated nearly half a million dollars to organizations raising more than $35,000 in each of the previous six years. 

The team also contributed to the Keep Hammond Beautiful Cleanup program where they were assigned to clean the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum.

“It’s the third year we’ve helped them,” said Narro. “A good friend of ours, Dori St. Cyr, heads that organization up. You know, we go early morning. They designate areas of the city that needs attention, and we go volunteer with many other volunteers that day. So, we’re just part of a big group.” 

Junior William Meyers described how he feels being part of the events.

“We’re pretty fortunate,” said Meyers. “So, it’s always good to give back and come back to reality sometimes. When we were picking up trash, some of the residents were out in the morning saying ‘Thank you’ to us, so that was pretty cool.”

Narro gave his thoughts on the team helping the community.

“It is also a selfless feeling too in volunteering and helping someone else,” said Narro. “When I help someone else, I feel good, and I like the feeling. So the more we could do that, the better it is.”

The team is set to continue their community service as they are planning to participating in clean ups at Clarke Park in October and “The Oaks” downtown parking mall in November.