Senior artists show it off

The Senior Art Show is a tradition in Southeastern’s art department that showcases the talent and hard work of graduating art students.

Each semester, the graduating seniors spend their time stressing, working and preparing for this exhibit. The opening for the Senior Art Show was held on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Contemporary Art Gallery. The room filled with students, family and faculty in order to celebrate the achievements of this semester’s art students.

“It’s very hectic,” said Tristan Sandrock, a senior graphic design major. “There’s a lot you have to do, you have to go through all your work and make sure everything is in tiptop shape or decide if you want to revisit any of your artwork. You just have to make sure that everything is perfect.”

Students are assigned a wall of the gallery to design and hang their artwork on. Jeff Garrett, an alumnus of Southeastern, attended the event. He graduated with a B.A. in graphic design in spring 2011 and participated in the Senior Show last semester.

“It’s important because, first of all, it’s part of a class, it’s an assignment for a grade, but it’s also for your friends and family,” said Garrett. “It kind of sums up your whole entire career here in college and it’s what you want to show to everybody, what you’ve gained here.”

From graphic design and photography to paintings and sculptures, the types of art displayed in the show varied widely. This assortment gave everyone in attendance the chance to find something to look at and admire.

The evocative large scale wax sculpture by Christina Schayer, in a central section of the gallery, easily gathers attention, as do the large and detailed oil painting self portraits of Elizabeth Anne Chase. The black and white photography of David Freese featured scenes and portraits from around the city of Hammond.

“My favorite art [in the show] is David’s because it’s a sense of home,” said Emily Freese, a middle school education sophomore and David’s sister. “Even though we’re not from here, I think it’s something that we have in common. People of Southeastern can appreciate it because they can understand the perspective, there’s good sides and not so good sides.”

Gary Keown, professor of graphic design, is very involved in the organization of the Senior Show.

“I think it’s important for the students to experience this kind of environment,” said Keown. “I think the quality of the work this semester is excellent, I think it’s a really good show and everyone should be proud of it.”