Guitar Fest closes with ensemble performance

The 2013 Guitar Festival ended with a performance by the Guitar Ensemble, including pieces from the likes of Georges Bizet.
The venue for the performance changed from the Pottle Auditorium to the recital hall but still took place at 7:30 p.m. in spite of the location adjustment.
“We’re used to playing in the much bigger auditorium with much better back stage accommodations,” said Patrick Kerber, instructor of guitar and director. “It was tough, but they pulled through.”
The styles of play ranged from German baroque to traditional South American sounds. Accompanying the sounds of guitar in two duets were performances on the violin.
The night was concluded with an instrumental version of “Carmen” by the student ensemble. Throughout the night, different groups of students, from quartets to duets, performed pieces showcasing the hard work they have been putting in during the trying semester, according to Kerber.
“It was a great close to the festival,” said Kerber. “The students particularly had a trying semester. There were lots of curveballs thrown their way, and they really handled it and came through.”
Kerber was very pleased for this year’s guitar festival. From the master class to the ensemble, the students were tested professionally and handled the pressure with resolve.
“Everything was fantastic,” said Kerber. “We had a great guest artist, a really good master class, and overall it was a very successful but stressful semester. We had a lot of problems that are typical, and professionals have to overcome them. I’m really glad that the problems happened so they were able to overcome the stress.”
The guitarists were all pleased at the end of the night’s performance after receiving a standing ovation. Though the situation was not ideal, they believed that they had shown what they had practiced all semester.
“I think it was well,” said student guitarist Hristo Balev. “We showed what we worked for. It could have been a little better, and it could have been a little worse.”
Even though the students will continue to practice and play, the sounds of the guitar will fade back into the halls of Pottle.