Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

New wave Indie Rock band Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will be
headlining at The Ghost Light in February. Connecting four friends,
Cregg Gibson, Lauren Gibson, Micah Silverman and Jeremy Cole,
the group hopes to bring a unique night of dance and smiles
to those in attendance at the Columbia Theatre.  

Courtesy of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

On top of new things the spring semester will bring, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will drive in from Atlanta, GA to open up The Ghost Light’s first concert for the spring.  

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 26 at the Columbia Theatre with additional acts opening for this new wave indie rock group. 

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is made up of Lauren Gibson, Cregg Gibson, Micah Silverman and Jeremy Cole. The four work together to create a unique sound, which they describe as “noisy, dancy, loud, sincere, sweaty, loveable, hardworking.” Their music blends indie rock with danceable electronic combinations.

“Making music is one of the most satisfying outlets,” said Lauren Gibson, who plays guitars, keys and vocals. “Connecting with music and fans is an amazing thing.  We’re not really chasing anything, we’re just making music and sharing it.”

The band was created when two previous bands the musicians were in broke apart. They decided to then make music together and began touring in 2009.

“The development of the band came easy as we’ve all been friends and in bands together for a long time, and have always been on the same page on how we want the music to evolve,” said Gibson.

While Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is growing their fan base, their hopes for the audience is for them to gain a friend, according to Gibson.

“Just that they can feel something, anything, profound or just a smile,” said Gibson. “We tend to lean towards themes of hope and strength and perseverance.”

The title of the band was chosen with this ethic in mind. The four musicians stumbled across an article from a satirical fake news magazine about landing on the moon and this article transformed into the idea that anything is possible. 

“[We are] living by the motto: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun.  It is a code; an ethic,” said Gibson. “Aim high, work harder, think bigger, sound bigger.”

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun has spent four years touring full-time on the road and have opened for bands such as Walk the Moon, The Walkmen and Tokyo Police Club. Bands such as Radiohead and Metallica have inspired them and their musical style.

“These days our musical heroes are the artists who make the music they wanna make and people gravitate towards it because it is awesome and not ‘cause it is popular,” said Gibson.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun has released multiple EP’s and music videos. To hear some of their sounds in preparation for their concert, visit their website, iTunes or Amazon. The show will cost eight dollars to enter.