Artists return to Ghost Light alongside dedicated fans

Andrew Gaultier, guitarist for Startisan, helped finish off the night with his fellow
bandmates. Startisan returned to the Ghost Light after playing there a year ago.
Many of Startisan’s dedicated fans turned out for the show despite rainy weather.
The Lion's Roar/Heather Jewell

The term “the show must go on” rang true for the three performing bands at The Ghost Light this past Thursday night. 

Despite horrible weather and a power outage that struck the downtown Hammond area, the Columbia Theatre remained opened to spend an evening listening to the highlighted bands. Playing in succession were Foxfire, Modern Language and Startisan.

Starting the night off was the feisty band, Foxfire. Based in Lafayette, the band members are all college guys: rowdy, easy-going and serious pizza lovers. The comradery among the band mates was infectious and every other sentence between them is a joke or punch line.

“We are inspired by pizza, Whataburger and Little Caesar’s; no really, everything is inspiring,” said lead singer and guitarist, Derrick Savoie.

When writing a new song, it is up to Savoie and lead guitarist David Lancon to brainstorm and then bring the idea to the band to collaborate. 

“We throw them [ideas] in a bucket,” said bassist Seth Woerner. Savoie is quick to laugh and deny it.

This was their second time playing in Hammond and Foxfire hopes to return.

“That liquor store [Red White and Brew] was the nicest I’ve ever seen,” said Woerner.

The bandmates want to travel further and play at more venues outside of Louisiana.

After their set, the native Hammond band Modern Language took the stage. During their set, band mate Patrick Mongrue pulled out a trumpet and added soul to the song “Window.”

By the time their last song faded, audience members were dancing.

Closing out the night was the band Startisan. 

The band was formed in 2010 after they began recording together. The name, Startisan, was an afterthought by lead singer Mike Hogan.

“It has a meaning, but I’ve never told anyone. Someday, maybe; it’s an acronym. It’s really filthy,” said Hogan.

It has been a year since Startisan last played at The Ghost Light, and it was many of their fans that braved the weather to make the event. By their count, fans have driven as long as eight hours to catch their shows and some even live as far out as Nashville, Tennessee. 

“We have a lot of really passionate fans and have wonderful people in almost every neck of the woods,” said drummer, Buck Langston.

In their set they played fan favorites “Hurricane” and “Rise,” and even went with an older sound in “Solace,” one of their earlier pieces. 

One of the highlights was when Jon Scholl, the keyboarder, began banging on a single large drum that was brought out, echoing an earlier comment by bassist Chris Jones.

“John plays a really big drum, that’s about the only cool thing we do,” said Jones.

Many songs from each band can be found on iTunes and Facebook.