Southeastern Channel aims to expand audience and showcase high quality productions with mobile features

Same content, smaller screen. The new and improved Southeastern Channel has made technological advances that now allow viewers the option to stream Channel programming from their phone.  The Lion’s Roar

The Southeastern Channel has covered a multitude of topics from campus and news spanning across Louisiana since 2002. 

Southeastern students who are employees at the Southeastern Channel produce professional content through all semesters.

This content is now available to stream on devices through the Channel’s website.

The Channel is a 24/7 live broadcast available on mobile platforms including laptops, iPhone and Android. With the station airing on Charter Cable Channel 199, the potential audience is 250,000 on the Northshore. This new app will allow the station to reach even more viewers and allow people an easier way to access programs pertaining to Southeastern events. The app will be very beneficial for students. 

Jaylon Morris, a senior communication major and student worker for the station discusses why he thinks this new app will be beneficial for Southeastern students to have. 

“I think the SLU Channel’s mobile feature is a great necessity to have, especially in this day and age where everyone relies on their phones for news such as Twitter, Facebook, et cetera,” said Morris. “It gives students and others great access to the shows involved with the Southeastern Channel.” 

The station’s General Manager Rick Settoon believes the changes will showcase the Channel’s high quality productions more. 

“Recent updates to our studio and broadcast equipment now make the Southeastern Channel’s live broadcast available to anyone, anywhere on any desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet,” said Settoon. “Whether it’s educational programing, like history shows or telecourses, community programs, performances, like musical concerts, or Southeastern sports events, we receive regular requests to watch our programming from loyal viewers who are often on the go. Now they can watch if a television, desktop or laptop isn’t accessible, as can viewers who are more dependent on their mobile devices.” 

The features include live streams of Southeastern sports events including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball. 

Non-sporting programs that will be streamed are dual enrollment classes, entertainment events, the Miss Southeastern Pageant and a new sci-fi show that will be the first of its kind produced by the Channel.  

Southeastern alumnus Mason Dauphin who was a student worker for multiple years at the Channel describes how he thinks this new streaming capability will improve the Channel’s production and the quality of work that viewers expe

“I know when I was a student, cable was pretty rare to see and extremely inconvenient,” said Dauphin. “Everyone watches videos on demand, and if the Southeastern Channel can provide that, they open themselves up to students around campus who may not know about it. They could catch up in between classes on their phone like many do with social media and YouTube.”

– From Staff Reports