Crawfish draws larger crowd at Fais Do Do

Louisiana culture fused together in one night as students enjoyed crawfish, snowballs, music and a mechanical bull.
University Housing worked alongside Dining Services to host the annual Fais Do Do crawfish boil on May 1.  
The event is usually held in the opening area in front of the old cafeteria, but has now been relocated to the freshly laid pavement of the new Student Union.  According to Ashley White, area coordinator for University Housing, this new location has only added to the event.
“We did have to change some things, but I actually think it’s a better location because it’s more centralized,” said White. “We get a lot of people that are coming in to eat at the Mane Dish and the Union anyway, so they see everything going on.  So we can get more people than we did before because of the flow of traffic.”
Fais Do Do was free to students with a meal plan and $12 for everyone ellse.
“It’s basically an appreciation event for our residents who live on campus and have a meal plan because if they do have a meal plan then one swipe is all it takes to get your crawfish, snowballs, bull-everything comes with it,” said White.
The event gave University Housing an opportunity to show other students the benefits of living on campus and encourage them to consider becoming a campus resident.
“I think it’s a good thing the school is doing something for the students,” said Milton Gibson, senior computer science major. “The crawfish are pretty good.  My favorite part of the event is how people can actually get together.  We can see people from around the campus [who] we haven’t seen all semester.”
Not only could students meet others they would not normally see, but they had the opportunity to try their hand at riding the mechanical bull.
“It was fun.  It was hard to get on; I was trying to grip it with my feet,” said Porche Lewis, freshman business major, after her experience on the mechanical bull. “It was very nice of them, just from one swipe on our meal plan.”
Although Fais Do Do was mostly considered a success, some questioned why two crawfish boils were occurring on campus at the same time.  Rec Fest also served crawfish during the time of Fais Do Do, but free of charge.
Despite this, Fais Do Do did not see any setbacks in attendance as students went to one or both of the events.
“We’re just doing our own event,” said White. “We’re enjoying our time with the residents and appreciating them coming out.”
For more information about living on campus or receiving a meal plan, visit and click on campus housing and dining under Campus Life.