Thanksgiving is a holiday, too

It’s that time of year. The cooler air comes rushing down from the north, bringing with it the necessity for warmer clothes. Day turns into night before dinner can begin. Hunting season preys upon the minds of young and old alike. And with the thought of the seasons changing, planning begins for those eager to make their holidays special.

Where should we go? What should we do? Visit the in-laws, or make them come to us? With the costumes put away, parents now focus on other wants. Children can hear the bells ringing. Parents weep for another year gone, whether good or bad, only to realize that it’s all to be done again. But wait, something is missing?

Attention to everyone, but Thanksgiving is a holiday, too. Already you can see the ads in the newspapers or hear the familiar sounds on the radio. The nonstop playing of every Christmas -themed song known to mankind from now until Christmas will no doubt drive me crazy again. Once, I loved these songs. Now, I simply want them to be gone.

I do not want to see special commercials announcing the sales that every company has, wanting your money. The funny thing about this is that not many have that money stored away. The very same companies who have stockpiled cash like they’re hoarders haven’t been in the same giving mood. Without them using their resources and hiring workers, they too will feel a chilly sting this winter.

This period of time has become less relaxing and more stressful. The holidays move closer, and with each day, everything becomes compact. Things can be lost during times like these. Don’t let that happen. Use the time you’re afforded to strengthen those connections that you have. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for everyone to stop and share ties with one another.

Don’t get me wrong. Christmas has been the setting for some of my favorite memories, but Thanksgiving’s importance has shrunk in terms of overall notoriety, and frankly, respect. Are people so obsessed with giving and getting that they ride the Midnight Express passed their turkey destination.

For those who do not remember the holiday, Thanksgiving is the celebration of giving. However, presents are not asked for at this time of year. While this is not wrong, people seem to have forgotten some pieces of history. What Thanksgiving has become is an excuse for everyone to eat, eat and eat. The Pilgrims and Native Americans weren’t afforded this luxury.

We should take more than just our fair share of food away from Thanksgiving. Being thankful for our family and those around us can help us in more than one area. Without realizing those who stand in front of us, we begin to devalue relationships entirely. We look forward to things inanimate and material. Emotion is lost among us, something that can’t be found online.

With this loss, we also forget the coming together of two groups who knew nothing of one another. Does this not relate to current affairs? We can learn how to understand each other much better by sitting down and relating with them, rather than trying our best to distance ourselves. The further apart each group in our society becomes, the harder it will be to realize the canyon separating the parties. Even more so, linking the differences reaches impossible lengths with every day passed.

Taking pause from life’s constant battles is necessary, and Thanksgiving gives us needed time with family. There is nothing like sitting at a table with relatives, preparing to eat yet another great meal. Time seems to slow and your mind begins to relax. You can feel the connections that you have and begin to realize that you are not alone in the world. This can be said for millions during this time.

For everything that is trying to be sold, do not buy into the crazy belief that presents bring you happiness. With so many things trying to grab our attentions, each possession loses time that we have for it. All of these things hide the real things that matter in our lives, each other.

What I most want you to remember from this is that there is more than just the idea of food, or even the fact that you get some time off from work or school.

See the people in your home, talk to those that you love most and be thankful for everyone that surrounds you.