Theta Xi raises money for MS

Theta Xi hosted their second annual garage sale fundraiser in hopes of raising money to help the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry fund an upcoming missions trip to Cambodia. The garage sale took place March 14 and 15 at their fraternity house.

The garage sale consisted of “big ticket items such as a grand piano, tables, chairs, drawers, weight benches, a Wii and smaller items such as plates, cups and knick knacks,” said Theta Xi president Daniel Smith.

In the past, the Wesley Foundation of Campus Ministry has assisted Theta Xi with many events, and the organization decided to return the favor.

“The church helps us out a lot with pinning ceremonies and anytime we need tables and chairs for events, so we really owe it to them. The pastor says the trip is going to cost around $30,000. We want to make sure they can get closer to their goal,” said Smith.

In addition to the garage sale, they also held an iPad Mini raffle for their philanthropy for multiple sclerosis.  Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

“Last Fall, a bunch of us were sitting around the house trying to think of a fun way to get Philanthropy hours and to raise some money, and Adam Mitchell thought of the idea. Marcus Lamb, Paul Rivera and I ran with the idea, and the following spring we made it very successful with the help of our other brothers,” said Smith.

The raffle took place for several weeks, and tickets were sold for $2.

Theta Xi members hoped to raise at least $200 to donate to each charity. All money raised will be used to help worthwhile causes.  

“The brothers of Theta Xi would like to thank the Wesley Foundation for all of the help they give us, as well as Southeastern Louisiana University’s Greek Life Office for being the reason we are on campus and allowed to do these types of fundraisers together as a fraternity,” said Smith. “When one door closes, another door opens; when one blessing is given, another one is received.”