Years may change, but people stay the same

“New Year, new you” is something I have always heard towards the end of each year. But does anybody really change just because it’s a new year? I feel the only thing that changes is the year. The year 2014 will soon become 2015, and I will be the same person. 

There was a point in time where I said that I would have a different attitude towards life but then I wouldn’t. I always forget my New Year’s resolution. I always say, “I will change my attitude for school, eat healthier or work out.” These things never seem to stay in my mind.

I say each year that I will try to be a better student. I will take more time to study and be more prepared for tests or quizzes, but I always wait till the last minute. I can honestly say that I have changed the way I studied. I am better at studying than I was  in my freshman year of college. I am now a sophomore and have realized I should not wait till the night before to study for a test. This is not something that changed at the beginning of last year, but it changed because I needed to be a better student.

Eating healthy is something I always say, but never do. I am picky when it comes to the food I eat. I do not eat any type of vegetables, nor do I drink milk. I always start the year by trying new things, but I still do not drink milk or eat vegetables.

When it comes to working out, I am just too lazy. I don’t like the fact that I have to exercise around people. I am not really a shy person, but when I work out, I would rather be in the comfort of my own home. The closest thing I get to working out is the dance classes I take and assist on the weekends. I consider dancing my exercise even if it is only an hour on Thursdays and Fridays.

All these things are just things I say. “Actions speak louder than words.” Saying I will do these things doesn’t mean anything. “New Year, new me” is something that sounds good, but I never act on it.

I cannot be the only one who doesn’t live up to their resolutions. Many people make resolutions and claim they do everything they can to fulfill them, but we get so caught up in life that we forget the promises we make to ourselves. Maybe we should just live our lives without saying “New Year, new me.” I always feel that everything happens for a reason and maybe that is why I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions.