Move offices during summer break

Morgan Ledet's Headshot

A few weeks ago, the bookstore re-opened in the War Memorial Student Union. With the new union being close to opening completely, offices are taking up residence in the newly renovated building.

With all the offices moving into the union, I think this is improving our university. It may be a minor change, but for the people who work in those offices, it is a blessing. 

Being a student worker in those offices has been a positive experience. Our office is moving into the union, and it was specially designed for us, improving our workspace and making our job easier.

Upgrading certain offices gives them a new area to work in; it gives each office a unique quality. Giving them an office specifically made for them makes their job not only easier but also more fun.

However, these offices started moving into the union after spring break, which is in the middle of the semester. This causes much chaos. There are boxes all over the old and new offices causing confusion. They are in the middle of a workday, and they have to stop what they are doing to move to a different office. It would be a lot simpler if they would just wait until the end of the semester. They have been in these offices for almost three years now; what would a month do to them?

The office I work in will not be moving until after the semester is over. I feel like if we did, it would be a mess and stuff would be everywhere. Waiting until after the semester is over gives us more time to sort through everything and be ready for the move. 

These offices moving right now are trying to get organized. They are putting more work on themselves than is actually necessary. I understand they wanted to move into their new space, but they are just stressing themselves out even more. 

All in all, moving these offices to the new union benefits the workers, the business and the university.  However, the offices moving mid-semester was just inconvenient.