Never leave a stone unturned experiencing college

Jay Love: Sports Editor

It’s funny to me how the paths many of us set out on when we first get to college change. As for myself, I am quite a different man than I was last year, much less my first day at Southeastern back in Fall 2012. I recall entering freshman year a nervous, shy kid who wouldn’t dare look the pretty girl passing by in the eyes. That was not how I wanted to spend the best years of my life; in fear. What I did is what I suggest many students do: get out of your comfort zone. 

My journey started with the Southeastern rugby team. Although my time with them did not last long, it forced me to meet new people, albeit it was while I was getting crushed by guys twice my size.  I’m not sure if we still have a team on campus or not, but if we do, I really recommend anybody who enjoys contact sports to try it out. 

As a communication student, my comm professors have always suggested that students build their portfolio. I eventually found myself working for Student Publications as a staff reporter for The Lion’s Roar. This was probably the most influential decision I have made in my college career. 

Not only did I gain valuable skills and experience by working for the paper, but it forced me to go out onto campus and get to know the Southeastern community. There is so much that this campus has to offer, and it is upsetting that many students are not even willing to give Southeastern a chance. No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be a group of students on campus that share them with you. 

Forming relationships with those that have the same interests as you is great, and it will help you enjoy your time at SELU. Also, don’t be afraid to speak to others who are not typically in your social circle. Even though I’m the sports guy here at the paper, I have made many friends by branching out. From those involved in arts and entertainment, to the friendly folk over at SGA who give out the free coffee and scantrons, to the great greek life we have, Southeastern is filled with memorable personalities. 

Now that my time at the paper is nearing its end and I find myself exploring the new adventure of rushing Delta Tau Delta, I hope that at least one person reading this will follow my path while at Southeastern. 

There is so much out there around campus and in the quaint town of Hammond. You are bound to find something to make this journey one to remember as your best years. Lion up, join a club or rush Delt, because you never know what you’ll fall in love with.