Creating memories before graduation



The university and the city of Hammond offer a number of opportunities to create new memories. Friends, family or classmates may suggest some “must-do’s” that need to be completed while in college. The Lion’s Roar staff worked on creating a small bucket list of some of the activities that the newspaper staff believes that all university students should do before graduation. This list is not extensive and was made by people who work together but have a variety of personalities. The Lion’s Roar staff worked to create some ideas for everybody and hopes that our fellow students make memories that will last for a lifetime.

Take a photo with Roomie

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There’s no secret that Roomie is the life of whichever event he attends. Roomie is Southeastern’s lively lion mascot that boosts pride to his fellow lions. Taking a picture with Roomie is honorary as a Southeastern student, faculty, staff or alumni. Not a lot of people have the chance to say that they have taken a photo with Roomie. He shows up at events such as games, bonfires and Lion Pride Preview. If you pose to take a picture with Roomie he won’t bite, he will actually pose with you or maybe even hug you for the picture. 



Attend concert Downtown

Downtown Hammond is the home to all things art. From classical scores in the Columbia Theatre to modern day acoustics at Tacos & Beer, there is something for every music lover to enjoy. Musicians are featured from our campus, nearby cities or even from overseas. Performances in Downtown Hammond provide a fun, safe and intimate environment for audience members to connect with those performing.

Eat at University Donuts

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If you miss having a home cooked breakfast or if you just really love donuts, then University Donuts is the place to visit. Not only do they serve breakfast, but they also have a lunch menu. Their donuts are the best and are hard to resist once you step inside. The entire building has Southeastern colors and you can feel the history of the university. If you want to eat a good meal and are willing to wake up early enough, University Donuts is the restaurant to visit. University Donuts is located at 1215 W University Ave. Their hours are Monday-Friday 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  


Buy Southeastern gear



Morgan Ledet/The Lion's Roar 


When searching for something to wear that presents Lion Pride, what better place to look than the University Bookstore. Purchasing Southeastern gear is truly a must, simply because you can represent this great university. There is merchandise such as jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and pajamas. There are even clothes for our littlest lions in the children’s section of the store. Official Southeastern gear can only be found at the University Bookstore. These will make perfect gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and of course Christmas for proud family members and friends. For college students, money can sometimes be tight. Have no fear. There are numerous smaller souvenirs that are reasonably priced to show Lion Pride. 

Attend a movie night

The Campus Activities Board provides free movies to students at least once a month during the semester. What makes these movie nights special is that you can watch them with of your friends and bring as many snacks as you want to the Student Union Theater. 

Exercise around campus

Regina Pergola/The Lion's Roar 


We are sure you have heard about the dreaded “freshman 15.” Well, it is absolutely avoidable. Most people don’t like to run or jog. How about a nice bike ride around campus? Campus is very peaceful in the afternoon around 5 p.m. If you have a bike, put it in your car, drive to campus and enjoy a bike ride. South campus is around two miles. That is a good exercise for everyone just three days a week. If you don’t have a bike, you could walk or jog and even rollerblade. If you aren’t an outdoor type of person, the Rec Center has great equipment offered free for students. 

Form a study group

We know that study groups don’t always work and can seem like a waste of time depending on who your classmates are. But, it can also be a great way to make friends and prepare for a test. It’s also a good chance for you to use any leadership skills you may have. Probably the best time to do a study group is before finals week since everybody will be nervous. You never know when you can help out a fellow student or if another student can help you.


Go to a gallery opening

Morgan Ledet/The Lion's Roar 

From the Contemporary Art Gallery on the university’s campus, to the heart of Downtown Hammond’s gallery, the Hammond Regional Arts Center, there are plenty of opportunities to witness a diverse abundance of art. Most galleries host events monthly to attract patrons. Patrons get a chance to speak to the creators of the art, gallery directors and fellow art lovers at most events. Not every gallery displays art on the traditional pedestal and white wall. The Hammond Regional Arts Center displays art from artists such as a local blacksmith, pottery makers, jewelry makers, painters and chefs during their annual Brews Arts Festival. The HRAC is located at 217 E. Thomas St. in Downtown Hammond.

Live away from home


The best part about college is finding out who you are as a person. Part of this is living on your own and having to do things for yourself without your parents influencing your decisions. You learn whether or not that second piece of cake really is worth it, and if you’d be willing to squash the spider on your own. Granted, these are big decisions, but smaller ones like deciding your true career path based on your classes, whether or not you are a Coke or Pepsi fan and if you want to stay in state or not, are all on your shoulders alone.


Eat at Lee’s Diner

Larshell Green/ The Lion's Roar 

Although they are closed for the remodeling of their building, they will soon open back up for all of Hammond to enjoy again. Lee’s has been a part of Hammond since 1996. Co-owner Russell Tallo Jr. and his family wanted to keep the remodeled version as close to the old one as possible.  Lee’s offers many local favorites such as poboys, red beans and rice, crawfish ettouffe and catfish louisianne. Their menu also includes soups, salads, hamburgers and much more. Even though Lee’s has a variety of food options, you can never go wrong with trying their dessert menu especially their malts and shakes. Lee’s is located on W Thomas St. in Downtown Hammond.