Circus acts brought to life

magicians dancing

Getting into the Homecoming spirit, Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi dance
to their theme “Magicians” Thursday night during the Lip Sync Competition.
The group captured the first place award for their performance. Dances
choreographed by the seven different groups entertained throughout the night.  

The Lion’s Roar / William Schmidt  

The Student Government Association’s Block Party for Homecoming kicked off as the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity ignited a bonfire.  

On Thursday, Oct. 16, the Hammond community came together on North Campus for the Block Party and subsequent Lip Sync Competition. 

girl with ring

Sigma Sigma Sigma along with Kappa Sigma
livened up their skit with on stage with visuals
and the theme “Propped Performances.”  

The Lion’s Roar / William Schmidt

As the sun went down, the bonfire was lit. The singing of the National Anthem by God’s Chosen Gospel Choir led to the Lip Sync Competition with the theme, “Step Right Up for Roomie Under the Big Top.”

With the Homecoming football game against Central Arkansas taking place on Saturday, head coach Ron Roberts took the stage with the football team to motivate the crowd to support the Lions. 

“Strawberry Stadium is the hardest place for teams to come and play, thanks to you guys,” said Roberts. 

The Lip Sync Competition began shortly after.

Organizations represented themselves through their performances and reminisced about past years.

“Last year, the Lip Sync Competition was an awesome experience,” said Savannah Kirkpatrick, junior health and education major. “We got to get the BCM name known, which allows Christ’s name to be known.  We want to be involved like every organization on campus.”

The work leading into the performance took dedication in preparation of Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi’s theme of “Magician.”

“Everyone worked really hard on it,” said Brent Bourgeois, sophomore physical and health education major and member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. “The ladies of AOII chose the theme. The theme was incredible, especially with all the hard work put in. It was worth it.” 

The night ended with the announcement of the top three performances.  Third place went to Theta Chi and Theta Phi Alpha performing to the theme of “Fire Breathers.” 

The second place award went to Alpha Sigma Tau and Kappa Alpha with the theme “Sideshow.”

The first place winners were Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi with their “magic show” performance. 

“The feeling was incredible,” said Bourgeois. “I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything worked out perfectly. I think the other groups that performed were really creative because I would have never thought of the stuff that they came up with. Theta Phi Alpha [and Theta Chi] definitely deserved to win.” 

Other organizations that did not place still enjoyed being able to watch the other teams compete.

“I could tell the time and effort of the other contestants,” said Kirkpatrick. “I love watching the variety of performances.”

If the Lip Sync Competition happens once again for next year’s Homecoming, it will be another chance for students to show their support for the Lions as well as having a night of enjoyment.

“Get involved, you saw how much fun it was,” said Bourgeois. “It’s better than going back to your dorm and doing nothing.”

girls fan selves

Members of Theta Phi Alpha pose during their  “Fire Breathers” performance,
along with the Theta Chi fraternity. Performers fan themselves, signifying
their smoldering dance theme, which won third place in the Lip Sync Competition. 

The Lion’s Roar / William Schmidt