BSU educates on sexual issues


Female members of the Black Student Union, who host the annual Battle of the Sexes competition, compete in a tug-of-war competition against an all-male team. 

The Lion’s Roar / Taja Morgan

With the majority of mid-terms under their belts, students had a chance to wind down and take a break from classes while educating themselves on sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. 

The Black Student Union hosted their fourth annual Battle of the Sexes competition with men and women competing against each other. This semester’s competition was held in front of the Recreational Center on Friday, March 27 at 1 p.m. Some activities featured during Battle of the Sexes were an obstacle course, sack race, three-legged race, tug-of-war, water balloon toss and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Participants and onlookers on campus enjoyed music from a disc jockey and concessions provided by members of the organization. 

According to BSU president, Amairielle Cordova, the sole purpose of the Battle of the Sexes event is to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS. Each year, the event is planned to inform all new and old members on the awareness of these diseases.

Since Battle of the Sexes is a major event for BSU, Cordova explained how the organization members prepared for this year’s competition.

“The organization prepped and planned for this event both in our executive board meetings as well as in our membership meetings,” said Cordova. “We asked our members which games and foods they wanted to see at the event, and we did our best to grant their wishes.”

 Throughout all the challenges, the males won the battle, becoming the competition winners for the second year in a row. Despite the females falling short in the competition, every individual who participated left with a smiling face.

A new activity was added to this year’s Battle of the Sexes event, which played as an educational component.

“An Easter Egg Hunt was added to this year’s event,” said Cordova. “The game was relevant because in some eggs we put HIV and AIDS awareness facts.”

Friendly competition played a huge part in the success of Friday’s event. Both females and males were able to compete without any complications or mishaps.

“I really enjoyed seeing the students come together for a great cause,” said Hannah Rogers, freshman criminal justice major. “The competitions were hilarious, and I had a chance to meet some new people.”

Cordova commented on her thoughts of the event.

“I personally thought this year’s Battle of the Sexes event was an amazing event,” said Cordova. “We set a goal for the event and successfully accomplished it. Everyone that came out to the event truly enjoyed themselves, and we couldn’t have asked for a better turn-out.”

BSU hopes to continue to host events for students and the Hammond community. 

“For the remainder of the semester, BSU is hosting our annual comedy show, Wild N’ Out on April 14,” said Cordova. “On April 18, we will be participating in the African American Alumni Association’s fest. We will also be doing community service.”

For more information and regular updates regarding BSU as well as their future events, visit and follow the organization’s Instagram page at BSUSELU.