Game Night comes to life

game night

Students had the chance to play some of their favorite childhood games, but on a larger scale. Inflatables were open to any participant that wanted to get physical and have fun at the same time. Other games involved included Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe, soccer and football. 
The Lion’s Roar / Gleana Hill

Board games sparked to life during the Life Size Game Night. 

On Wednesday, April 22 outside of the Pennington Student Activity Center, Hall Council put on the first Life Size Game Night, with intentions of continuing in the following years. 

“It’s going great, we thought we’d have a little bit more turn out but the late night at the Pennington is at eight. So I think that people are going to slowly show up before they go to that,” said Hall Council Vice President of Involvement Madison Guitreau. 

Despite the slightly gloomy weather and other events that took place on campus, many students still showed up.

Entering into the event area there were tables with loads of information and gifts for a certain amount of guests who first entered. There was information about Hall Council and Phil, the Green Pig as well. Raising awareness about philanthropy, the Green Pig Student Giving Program wants students to help raise money that will eventually go towards future student projects and events. The prize was a decorated mason jar filled with candy and a Southeastern sticker inside. 

Some of the games included Jenga, Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, fishing, soccer, football, sack toss and an inflatable for fighting against an opponent. 

Encountering a policy change with the inflatables, Hall Council was only able to get one inflatable for the game night instead of two. 

“There was a thing where the students had to sign a waiver and the company just wasn’t at ends with that so they charged us more,” said Guitreau. 

Students look forward to a time of socialization and relaxation.

“It’s really fun. I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed today and yesterday because we just got to sit around, chill and [eat] free food,” said freshman kinesiology major Chyna Fruge. 

Being able to mingle with new people always helps encourage students to come out to events.

“I think it’s a good way for people who are usually quiet or confine themselves to the room to get out and actually meet new people and get out of their comfort zone. I feel like it motivates more people to want to get out more and just explore,” said freshman psychology major Nicoi Pierce. 

Students also appreciate the excuse to escape from their studies. 

“Just being able to be active besides just cramped in the library or cramped in my room trying to study, you’re having fun and then we’re going to go back to studying with energy,” said freshman education major Taylor Bergeron. 

No matter how many people show up to an event there are always some who benefit and look forward to future events. 

“Yeah they should do more stuff [in the future]. That way we’re not just always studying; school is about getting an education, but it’s also about making connections and meeting new people and branching out of your circles. So when they host stuff like this you meet people you never see around campus,” said Fruge. 

With these types of events occurring more often, students hope this trend continues.  

“They should probably do it more often because they do it like maybe once a month. But they should definitely do this a whole lot more so people will have the chance to experience it,” said Pierce. 

Anyone interested in joining Hall Council can get more information on the University Housing website.