State fruit featured at annual event

miss southeastern serves cake

After Miss Southeastern 2015 Emily Randon (center) and Dr. Marvin Yates cut the
ceremonial cake, Dr. Pam  Rault and Dawn Starkey helped her serve it to students in
attendance. Strawberry Jubilee also offered the traditional strawberry-topped cupcakes. 

The Lion’s Roar / Tamara Alexander

The day of Strawberry Jubilee found sunny skies across Hammond, despite the scattered thunderstorms that were suffered throughout the week. 

With final exams right around the corner, Strawberry Jubilee gave students the opportunity to relax and have fun before settling down for impending, study sessions. This year’s event continued the tradition of offering games, food and other activities to any in attendance. 

“The week leading up to Strawberry Jubilee is near torture for me because I really love strawberries and I know that [Southeastern] will have really fun activities planned for everyone attending. This year was really something else,” said Kristen Bello, sophomore English education major.

One student found cited different reasons that made the event a success.

“I think it’s been fun; the weather’s beautiful, the day is great, Southeastern is wonderful. They have great activities going on, free drinks, free food and it’s just awesome,” said senior general studies major Matthew Wallace.

Starting off the event was the ceremonial cake cutting with Emily Randon, the 2015 Miss Southeastern alongside Dr. Marvin Yates, Vice President of Student Affairs. The cake was layered in icing and topped with chocolate covered strawberries; surrounding it were chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cupcakes, each laden with their own strawberry and icing.

University Police officers were also in attendance and served a Cajun favorite, red beans and rice to the students.

After nabbing a drink, attendees then made their way to tables decorated with red table cloths and listened to a live band while they ate their fill.

This was the first year Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous played for a Southeastern event. Originating from Thibodaux they performed classic zydeco songs throughout their set and had several people dancing to their music.

“It gives campus a good flavor, more excitement instead of a boring go-to-class, go-to-school, do what you have to do and graduate. It gives it more life,” said Wallace.

Students were also able to procure a free Lions license plate, which they could personalize to their liking. Many had their last name, nick name or in the case of graduating seniors, the word “alumni” put on their license plate.

There was also a mechanical surfboard that students lined up to ride, sometimes repeatedly.

“I really liked the zip line they had last year, that was awesome. I do like the surfboard a lot too though,” said Wallace.

Perhaps the greatest thing the day offered however, was a sense of community to the students.

“I feel that Southeastern cares about the students because we know we paid for this in our tuition, so it’s nice to see them give a little back,” said sophomore athletic training major Paige Hamon.